14 Month Update

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Max is 14 months old today. If I weren’t so exhausted from a busy couple of days, I’d ramble poetically about what an amazing journey we’ve had with our little monkey over the last 14 months. Instead (and because I want to remember all of this stuff years from now), I’ll give you the laundry list of what’s new in the world of Max.

So, I pulled up my handy-dandy BabyCenter milestone chart, to see how Max compares to the average 14-month old babies in the world. He’s doing extremely well, if I may say so.

Basic Skills:

  • Eats with fingers? Check.
  • Empties containers of contents? Please – he’s been doing that for months.
  • Imitates others? He’s starting to do that while flirting with the ladies. Very cute.

Intermediate Skills:

  • Toddles well? He’s fully walking and starting to climb, so Check.
  • Initiates games? Well, he initiates book reading. He’ll bring you a book, then do the “turn, back up, then flop in your lap” thing that I remember from all those years watching the little ones in church. I so love that stage!
  • Points to one body part when asked? He does several: belly button, mouth, fingers, and sometimes nose, ears, and toes (though he gets toes and fingers mixed up sometimes – however, if you ask where his socks go, he’ll grab his feet)
  • Responds to instructions? Yep

Advanced Skills:

  • Uses a spoon or fork? We’re just getting started on that one. So far, it’s going decently. We’re also to the point that we can put a full bowl of finger food in front of him and he’ll pick out individual pieces. Pretty cool, if I may say so myself.
  • Matches lids with appropriate containers? We actually haven’t tried this one. I know what I’m doing tomorrow, now.
  • Pushes or pulls toys while walking? Hrm. I don’t think we’ve seen this one. Granted, he’s more interested in climbing in the big blue and white chair these days.

Max will sit in his little blue and white chair to read occasionally, but after he saw Cousin Emma’s BIGGER chair at Christmas, and got to climb in it, his puny little chair became boring. He’s a little short to climb into the big chair on his own, but the monstrous stack of pillows I put around the chair (to protect him when he exits the chair) are good stepping stones for climbing.

He climbed up there all by himself

What else is new?? Well, he has lots of words now. Here’s the full list (note: they aren’t all pronounced perfectly):

– Apple

– Banana

– Dog (or DOGDOGDOGDOGDOGDOG, if he actually sees one)

– Duck (or DUCK DUCK DUCK)

– Sock (I swear it’s his favorite word.)

– Shoes (somewhat… more Shu-trailing off to jibberish)

– Sah-Sah (for “SoSo”, what we call Sofie, our cat)

– Hi (or Ha-EEEE) – My personal favorite.

– Dada (of course)

– Up

– On (Lights on)

– Daaaouw (Down) – He says this when his Fridge DJ starts to play Itsy Bitsy Spider. He also holds his arms up while doing it.

– Bock Bock Bock (to “What does a chicken say?”)

– Baa (to “What does a sheep say?”)

– Mwah Mwah Mway (Kissy noises) (to “What does a goldfish say?”)

– Mauow (Meow – in his highest pitch voice) (to “What does a kitty say?”)

Maybe reading 8-10 books a day to him is paying off???

OK, so I’m sure you’d like to see some more pictures, right?

Here are a few that we forgot to import from our trip to The Woodlands.

Don’t the kids look excited to be going on a walk?

Is it me, or did my laundry get cuter?

If you turn your monitor upside down, you’ll see that he’s actually enjoying this.

And a few from this week…

Our little soon-to-be rock star!


I didn’t want the football to think I was playing favorites.

Enjoy it, Daddy. This is as close as you’ll ever get to me wearing a hat.

The rest of the photos are here and here. We also uploaded pictures from our professional photo session in November.

There are big changes coming in the world of Max – we’ll talk more about that next week. (How do you like that? A blog with a cliff hanger!)

Have a great week, everyone!

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