Cats and Sunglasses and Happy Birthday, Tanner!

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Some say that a blog will have reached its ultimate end when the author runs out of things to talk about and, instead of posting a real entry, posts a photo of a cat. This puts us in a bit of a bind. Max likes cats. We’ve posted pictures of him and the cat before. Cats, to Max, are extremely exciting. Upon sighting one, he will typically squeal with delight, causing our cat to depart the area as immediately as possible. Luckily for Max, some cats are not as skittish.

For example, Aunt Cindy’s cat, Bandit.

Yes, he had a fun weekend.

He continued to take advantage of the joys of stealing things from his parents.

For example, mommy’s sunglasses.

As an aside, I must take a moment to point out that there is a better picture of Max in sunglasses residing on my mother’s camera. I sent a request to my father that he send us said photo or he would face consequences. I got no response, so now I’m forced to call him out on the blog. Take that, Papa. You have one more week now before it starts getting messy. Don’t make me go all upside your head.

Anyway, Max also got a chance to go up to Sherman and hang out with Mimi and Pappaw while we celebrated Tanner’s birthday party.

Happy Birthday!

It was nice to get together with everyone and watch Max and Mimi get some fun time together.


We even took the opportunity to ditch the little man later in the day so Christy could fulfill her urge to order up some turkey tacos at City Limits (a local diveish place Christy loves). He was so devastated that he didn’t appear to have cried at all or even noticed we were gone. Stinker.

To see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. Next week (or maybe later this week) we’ll hopefully have some new videos to post.

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PaPa 03 March 2009

What a defensive play!
Almost got the sack.
Yeah. Max, “White-Socks” Larkin, defensive end for the Frisco Kids.


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