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The additional day for last weekend meant we got to cram a little more in there without feeling completely worn out by the end of it. We had a much more subdued time than recent weeks, with a chance to enjoy some of our more local fare.

Ready to go?

Aye, captain.

Good. We started the weekend by going to a picnic that Max’s day care had set up. When we arrived, we noticed a distinct lack of anyone at all from Max’s day care. Turns out Christy misread the invite (and me, being the guy, didn’t read it at all) so I guess we just got a practice run in for a trip back to the park in a couple of days. Max didn’t care.

This is one of those jiggly bridges. Max thought it was hilarious for the few minutes he ran back and forth across it.

This is one of those jiggly horses. Max thought it was hilarious for the five seconds he stayed on it.

This is not a jiggly tree. Max kept hugging it.

Caught in the act, little thief.

We spent the rest of the weekend doing what most people do when summer lazily rolls in. Cookouts and water, basically. First we inflated his new pool (which is the same as Nan and Papa’s mini pool) and let him splash around a bit in the backyard.

When we put suntan lotion on his head, this happens.

I think he likes it.

We then settled in on the patio for a nice little snack for Max.

I think he likes it.


We stuck around the house because we knew we’d be spending the next day up in Sherman with Mimi and Pappaw. We all enjoyed some delicious steak and spent a little time hanging out in the back yard with Max’s cousins.

He seems…concerned.

The kids had a good time tearing up the yard with a three-lane slip and slide.

Mmmm…action shot.

These and many other embarrassing photos can be purchased for reasonable prices to prevent their inclusion in later yearbooks and wedding collages.

Max seemed to be content just watching all the craziness from the sidelines, but we eventually gave him a chance to mess around down there.

This photo is not available for purchase, and WILL be included in all possible yearbooks.

We did eventually have to leave, but don’t worry…

He’ll be back.

Continuing on that theme, we decided it was finally time to take Max down for his first real visit to the local pool. We gave it a try last year and it ended in tears. He did much better this time.

Note: Not his beach ball.

Note: Also not his beach ball.

Hooray for sharing, I guess. He wasn’t a huge fan of the deep areas of the pool, but we’ll get him used to that eventually. To see the rest of the photos from this weekend (there’s a bunch), click here. See you next time!

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