An Outpouring of Love

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It’s been quite the week for our little guys, with visits from grandparents from both sides and some animal visitors to boot. Blogs have taken a back seat to trying to keep up with these two, so it’s nice to finally get a chance to churn one out.

Max is adapting well to having a little brother. He’s getting more and more “helpful” as time goes on, making sure to keep up with what he perceives to be a constantly fluctuating temperature (blanket goes on Owen, blanket comes off Owen…off, on, off, on). Thankfully, Owen doesn’t seem to mind too much. He’s a pretty laid back baby for the most part.

Laaaaaaid back.

He’s also constantly on top of the squeaking situation. If he hears a peep from Owen, he alerts us (“Uh oh! Owen!”) and runs over to check on the bassinet.

Yep. Still in there.

He’s also managed to spend a few very brief moments actually calmly holding the little guy.

Nice and peaceful…with mom’s hand to make sure everything is okay.

Of course, that’s not the only person who got a chance to hold Owen since our last blog. He also got a visit from Mimi, Gammy, and Pappaw.

Ahh, the snuggle.

…and of course, the grunt face.

Aside from the human visitors, Max got to enjoy a little time with some animal pals. First, he got a visitor at day care in the form of a very large dog that he didn’t stop talking about for two days.


Exciting though that might have been, he seems to share his cousin Emma’s fear of people in giant suits.

That’s about as close as he’d get.

After all that excitement, we took him by a local set of sculptures that he took to immediately.


On top of all that, we also had a very helpful visitor come to our house this week.


Max and Owen are certainly enjoying the extra time with her, and we’re incredibly grateful for all of the help. Of course, she is getting paid fairly well for her time.


A warning for you. The following few paragraphs contain events related to bodily functions. If that’s not your cup of tea, keep scrolling until you see a cute baby. You’ve been warned.

Granted, it hasn’t been all fun and new baby smell for Nan. She encountered a few…mishaps…along the way that inspired the title of this week’s blog. Earlier in the week, she was helping out with Owen’s bath time on the counter. Just before they started hosing him down, he decided to express his outpouring of love in a way that has resulted in a running gag about which side of the family Owen gets it from. Let’s just say we now have an answer for the question, “Who gives a flying poop?”

Nan, saint that she is, laughed it off and changed her shirt.

That wasn’t the last my boys had in store for poor Nan. Tonight we were trying to figure out why Max wasn’t interested in eating any of his dinner (or even ice cream) while we were out at Jason’s Deli. We’re still not entirely sure, but we do know that he moved from the high chair to dad’s lap, on over to Nan’s lap…at which point he decided to express his own outpouring of love. All over the table, his shirt, pants, shoes, and of course…Nan.

I’ll be amazed if she ever comes to visit again.

…though I suppose some things are worth a little poop and puke.

To see a couple more photos from this week, you can click here. See you next week (hopefully)!

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Jo Ann Fogle 05 September 2009

Your beautiful pregnant as always–your aunt thinks so–and we’re all blessed with you four soon to be!!
Know that I love you-and see ya on Owens birth day!!!


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