Rain, Rain, Go Away

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It seems like it can’t possibly be the middle of October already, but the rain and cold these past few weeks definitely reminds us that Autumn has definitely arrived. It’s becoming a bit more difficult to find fun activities for Max, but we’re doing what we can, with a little help from his friends.

Between Max being sick last weekend and the weather being cold and rainy since then, it has been a long week while we try to find ways to entertain Max indoors.

On Saturday, Max’s school friend, Bailey, had a birthday party at a pumpkin patch. Max was so excited about going to the pumpkin patch and seeing pumpkins and scarecrows. Unfortunately, it rained several inches on Thursday, so it was ridiculously muddy. The temperatures also dropped to the 50s, so we didn’t get to stay too long at the party. We did at least have a little time and fun feeding the animals and looking at the pumpkins.

The cow/bull was cool, but Max was more comfortable with Daddy doing the feeding.

The baby goats were more his speed.

He really seemed to like the sheep as well.


Max was also pretty excited about sitting on a pumpkin.

Of course, Max had to move a few around while he was there. Some just weren’t in the right spot.

Owen unfortunately spent the time bundled up in his carseat/stroller, so he didn’t enjoy much of the trip.

At just under four weeks, he’s definitely been out more than his big brother was at this age, but it’s not quite the adventure he imagined, being cooped up in the stroller.

Sunday, after hanging out around the house for a bit, we went for ice cream, then had a webchat with Jenn, Ryan, and Emma. The kids are getting more comfortable seeing each other live over the web (instead of in blog videos), but they’re still easily distracted. Max definitely had issues with Owen getting some attention during the chat, so he decided he’d just hang out in Owen’s chair.

“NoMine” is heard far too often in our house these days. 🙁

It’s crazy to think that Max is 23 months old today and Owen will be one month old on Thursday! Time is passing so quickly now that we have two boys! Jon went back to the office today (he’s been working from home for the last month), so we’ll now have to see how things go in our normal schedule.

Noone wants to see Daddy go back to work, least of all Max.

Luckily I still have several weeks before I have to go back to work. Hopefully I can get a nice routine going before then, so things go smoothly into the holiday season and beyond. Until then, I’m taking advantage of the “free time” I have to work on things around here, like trying to get a blog post out here and there.

There are quite a few more pictures from the weekend here.

We have a couple of videos to share as well, but I’ll have to get Jon to post those in a separate post this week.

Have a great week, everyone!

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PaPa 14 September 2009

Great video. Love the laughing boys. Just too funny. So glad there were no injuries. In my day we played the same game with a hammer and only one child ended up laughing. Usually not me but sometimes.

Jo Ann Fogle 15 September 2009

Morning-I know your headed to the hospital or close to going-it’s 5am–unfortunately I needed to be in Bonham for a few pts.-I have a doctor coming up today. Know I love ya and will be praying for you three-soon to be four. Your Mom said she would keep me up to date,Love ya


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