One Month

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It’s a little weird to think that a month has already passed since the new little guy came into our lives. It’s not hard to believe, with collective sleep deprivation acting as a reminder, but weird certainly covers it. As a favor to my wife this week, I promised not to talk about poop. Much.

Max continues to entertain us with his knowledge of Mexican foods (“Quesadilla!”), his dancing, and his borderline smothering love of his little brother. Oh, and this.

If you ask him, those are “ROBOTS!”

Owen, on the other hand, is just making sure that his mom and dad get plenty of exercise walking him around the house. He especially wants to make sure that we don’t waste any valuable time with nonsense like sleeping.


We took him in for his one month screening and everything seems to be in order. He’s weighing in at 10 lbs, 6 oz and making sure to grow as tall as possible (he’s at 22 3/4″ already) so his brother will know who’s the boss around here.

Not Tony Danza.

Given that Max has spent the last several weeks randomly deciding to ask for some “Mitey” time, we thought we’d get the boys together again for some romping around the house. Christy was kind enough to procure a bit of a distraction for them in the form of an 80 foot wide early birthday present.

A jumpolene or, if you ask Max, “No, a pool.”

…the posed smiles lasted two seconds. This lasted considerably longer.

They also tried their hand at helping out in the kitchen for a little Rice Krispie Treat action. Note to cooks: Rolling out Rice Krispie Treats to make them thin enough to cut with cookie cutters makes them super-dense and hard (but not impossible due to the difficulty to deliciousness ratio) to eat. The boys didn’t seem to mind since they were sampling the raw goods anyway.

At least it’s not cookie dough.

After all that excitement, we settled back into our regularly scheduled crazy, interrupted only by a short trip out to test out a tricycle…

He did a wheelie right after I took this…I just didn’t capture it on film. True story*.

*Not a true story

…which somehow turned into Max trying to climb a tree.

Some day.

Somehow, in between all of this, I managed to get some videos unloaded from the camera so we could post them. Four of them, to be precise. Enjoy!

More Dancing

Let’s all enjoy this song, which never gets old. EVER.

No, a Pool

He will defend this position for as long as it takes.

Thanks, Max

Sometimes, “thank you” means, “I think that’s enough, sweetheart.”

Mikey & Max

We put them in there and they started doing this almost immediately with no prompting whatsoever. Genetics at work.

And that’s it for us this week. You can view some more photos of the boys (all three of them) by clicking here. Have a good one, everybody!

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PaPaw 24 September 2009

What a beautiful family… Thank you for the pictures. The guy’s at work have been bugging me daily for pictures. All of my pictures are still somewhere on my camera.

Mimi 24 September 2009

What are you going to do with those precious boys and their goofy dad?

Aunt Molly 27 September 2009

What beautiful boys, Jonathan and Christy! I especially loved the picture of Owen spelling his name and the video of Max singing about monkeys!!!


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