Hospital…All Better!

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It’s been a crazy week for our family, with multiple hospital visits (spoiler: everyone’s fine) and plenty of stress to go around. Luckily, the boys are doing enough entertaining things to balance things out a bit.

Owen has been growing in leaps and bounds, and is starting to get his own little personality.


I can lift my head now. Muhahahahahaaa!


He has a few hairs on the top of his head that are much longer than the others. Built-in faux hawk…I’ll have to shave it.


Obviously tired from the push-ups…


…but never too tired to rock.

With all this cuteness to go around, one might think that a great week was in store. Unfortunately, Patient Zero brought home some sort of day care plague that infected Christy and unfortunately spread to the little guy (I have remained oddly and thankfully unaffected). When his temperature spiked up over 100 degrees, it was time to head out to the doctor. Sadly, due to Owen’s young age, we found ourselves in Better Safe Than Sorry Land, which meant lots of fluid cultures and sad faces all around. Several fruitless rounds of Find the Vein (my new least favorite party game…move over, Guess the Smell) led finally to the point where they were sticking my son in the head with a needle.

It looks (no, I don’t have pictures) and sounds much worse than it really is. At least, that’s what they kept telling us. Finally, we had our samples. Owen immediately fell asleep afterward. Just like his brother. Tough.

A few days later, we were standing in line at the grocery store when my phone started buzzing. Moments later, we were speeding to the hospital with a directive from the pediatrician that Owen immediately get a lumbar puncture to check his spinal fluid. After some consultation with the ER doc, we were downgraded from “Holy crap!” to “The sample probably had some skin bacteria on it, we’ll just try again. Bring on the needles!”

As of today, the little guy seems to be feeling better. It’s a good thing, too, since he’s going to need to get his strength up if he wants his socks back.


These are mine, right?

Max, of course, is the origin of the title of today’s post. While we were at the hospital he kept telling us that, yes, we were at the hospital, and that they were going to make Owen alternately “Much better” and “All better”.

Speaking of Max, I finally sat down and edited some video for your enjoyment. Lots of it. Prepare for the onslaught!


He’ll be calculating the tip for me by next year.


Unfortunately, the phone rang and cut the fun short. Happened all the time to the Ramones.


In case you were wondering how to do it.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a video of him doing this in the full doctor suit. Fortunately, he’s still entertaining me with it to this day.

That Song

Christy took 80 videos of him doing this, trying to get it just right. I just finished sifting through all of them to pull this out. If I never hear it again, that would be just fine with me.

Stuck in your head now? Enjoy!

To see the rest of the photos from this week, you can click here. See you next week, after Max celebrates year number two.

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Nora 21 October 2009

We had a blast over there and Mikey keeps asking when we can go and see Max again. 🙂

Jenn 22 October 2009

I can not believe Owen is a month old and I have not seen him yet! 🙁 Wow is he going to be tall! Max, you crack me up! Emma can’t wait to dance with you!!!
Hugs and kisses!

Jenn 22 October 2009

I can’t believe Owen is one month and I have not seen him yet! 🙁 Wow is he going to be tall.
Max, you crack me up! Emma can’t wait to dance with you.
Hugs and kisses!

Nan 22 October 2009

Too cute Max and Mikey look like they were having a ball no pun intended! Owen is growig way too fast. They are both adorable. Love nan


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