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This past weekend, Max turned two years old and Owen turned two months old. It was a great weekend filled with fun, family, and friends. This week, we are attempting to recover (and clean up) from all the excitement. We are also trying to relax a little before the next round of crazy family fun (Thanksgiving in The Woodlands).

Friday was Max’s much anticipated second birthday. For his actual birthday, we kept it low-key. He had a cupcake snacktime at school, then he came home for presents and a movie (Finding Nemo). All Max talked about last week was “Watch Nemo?” We sat together as a family to watch the movie, and Max followed along better than I thought he would. He’d seen parts of the movie in July, but he really wasn’t old enough to grasp the concepts. This time, he snuggled with us and asked “Nemo lost Daddy?” with great concern. When they were reunited, he commented “Nemo found Daddy!”. He seemed relieved. It is still amazing to me that he can understand so well.

Saturday was the big day – party day! Max was excited about his Curious George bounce house, and even more excited that Mikey was coming to share it with him. The bounce house had been delivered Friday, so the boys were able to play in it before the party. They weren’t as interested in bouncing in it – that is, until Uncle Chris brought our box of 350 ball-pit balls to the bounce house. Then, the boys played and played and played until they were too tired to play anymore. It luckily tired them out enough to nap before the party started.

Max was a little overwhelmed when everyone showed up (including lots of family and a few friends from school), so he was a bit shy (he gets that from his mom), but soon he was running around with everyone having a great time. This year, he got to blow out the candle on his cupcake, which was exciting for him. It took him a bit to figure it out, but he now asks to “blow out candle” whenever he sees a cupcake.

Here are a few highlights of the party:

I think he likes the bounce house.

Mr. Pink Cheeks staring down his Papa.

Gammy, the Baby Whisperer. He crashed out every time she held him.

Oooohh…. Fire!

Preparing to blow out the candle.

Hanging with Mommy in the bounce house.

Pinata candy!

Max’s cousin Blakely – TOO CUTE!

What happens when the dads start playing in the bounce house.

The cause of the bounce house collapse.

The boys, getting cleaned up after a hard day of playing.

Many thanks to everyone who came to Max’s party! We really hope you enjoyed it. For those who could not make it, there are lots of photos:

Our photos

Aunt JoAnn’s photos

Aunt Nora’s photos

Sunday, both sets of grandparents joined us for a photo shoot with Brandi. We got lucky that the weather (and Owen) cooperated. Max alternated between “I want Mommy” and ultra-cheezy smile modes, so we’ll see in a few weeks how the pictures turned out. Brandi also gave us the rest of Owen’s newborn photos, so you can now see the full set of photos by clicking here.

Owen is still growing, as expected. We’re getting daily smiles now, and we’re even starting to have little cooing conversations with him. We took him Tuesday for his checkup – 12 pounds even (50-75th percentile) and just under/at 25 inches (off the chart, as usual). Yet again, he took his shots like a trouper – barely crying. It seems we have another tough, tall, skinny boy on our hands.

As we did with Max, we took several two-month photos, so we can see how Owen grows each month. Max couldn’t help joining in a few of them.

Owen in the glider with his puppy.

Smiling at a block.

Max insisted on laying in the crib with his brother.

To see the rest of the set, click here.

That’s all from me for this week. Jon’ll hopefully post some video later as well. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Anonymous 23 October 2009

I think all the pics are beautiful!
Pretty family! Pretty boys!


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