Happy Halloween!

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After birthday parties for the last three weekends in a row, you would think we’d take a weekend off to rest, right? Um, no. It is Halloween weekend, so of course we had to cram as many additional parties as we could into the last crazy weekend in October. Hopefully Max is too exhausted to be scarred for life (more on that later).

For months, we’ve been talking about Halloween, particularly, about who the boys would “be” for Halloween. Max has provided a nice variety of options over the past few months:

“I’ll be Woody and Owen will be Buzz Lightyear.”

“I’ll be Clifford and Owen will be Emily Elizabeth.”

“Owen will be Batman and I will be Robin.”

“I will be Zurg and Owen will be Rex and Mommy will be the elevator!” (Confused? See Toy Story 2)

Eventually, he (we) settled on Woody and Buzz. Now that Max is older, he was beyond excited at getting to wear his costume. The first time he tried it on, he wanted to sleep in it, he loved it so much. So, Friday was the one (and likely only) day in which he actually wanted to get up and go to school: costume day. He and Owen both had class parties during the day, so Jon and I spent time at both of them.


Max, ready to show his costume to his buddies.


Owen, decently tolerant of his costume…


…but less tolerant of his party (after all, it is still his first week of school)


Luckily, he improved with a change of seating.


Daddy and the boys in Max’s class.

As if that wasn’t enough, the school also does a family night party after hours, so of course we had to pay a visit there as well, so Max could play games with his friends.


Owen’s new hat. What do you think?


Max fishing and Owen STANDING!!!

Saturday morning was the annual Boo Bash at our dentist’s office. It seemed odd to go to a festival at a dentist office, but they had a huge setup with games, bounce houses, a fire truck, petting zoo, and ponies! This last one was our primary reason for attending. What good is it to be dressed as Woody if you can’t ride a horse??


The Buzz suit is a bit tight on the little guy, so we went to the hand-me-downs for a much more appropriate look.


Max and “Bullseye”

Owen even managed to get a quick ride.


He didn’t scream or cry, so that must mean he didn’t hate it.

He was less impressed than his brother.


Soooooooooo tired.

Our next stop (after naptime) was to visit the Dudeks in Lantana for their Monster Mile, which was basically all 4000 kids in the town walking up/down the main drag to see characters and pick up candy. It. Was. Insane. It was amazing to see such a huge turnout for a community event. They really did a great job of it, and it was so fun to watch the boys going from place/person to place/person.


Before the walk


You won’t find a cuter pumpkin

Max was fairly hesitant about meeting the characters (even some of his favorites). That is, until one particular character caught his eye.



Max walked the entire mile. We were proud and somewhat shocked. He was pretty punch-drunk by dinner, but still managed to wake at his normal time after going to bed 90 minutes late (how can they do it?? I would’ve slept until noon if they’d let me!)


He wore this for quite some time. Shows how out of it he really was.

Understandably, we took it pretty easy today, hanging around the house all day so the boys could get some much needed down time.

We colored pumpkins…


Note the pumpkin thief in the corner

We carved a pumpkin…


They offered moral support

The boys played with the colored flashlights I got them…





After dinner we got dressed up (again) for a quick trip around our neighborhood.


Ready to trick or treat

It was relatively uneventful until we got to “the house with that scary guy”. I saw the man, dressed as Dracula and sitting menacingly on his front porch holding a bowl of candy. Max did too, and was happy to keep on walking, as was I. The guy then called out to us to come visit him. I thought to myself, “OK. He just wants to show the tiny scared boy that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Maybe this will be OK.” Um, no. The stinkin’ jerk REFUSED to break character. He didn’t do or say anything scary, but when you’re not quite 3, that can be even scarier. Even when his wife (not dressed up) repeatedly told him not to scare the little boy, he wouldn’t budge an inch from his plan to scar a child for life. Max did OK the rest of the way. However, he didn’t forget the man. Not when we got home. Not after we let him eat candy and watch cartoons (can you tell I’m feeling guilty??). Not after we read books and sang songs before bedtime. I’ll likely be up most of the night listening in case he wakes up crying. I deserve the punishment. Lesson learned.

Insensitive jerks aside, it was a really fun weekend for the boys. And now, only two more weeks until Max’s birthday!

To see the rest of the photos (there are a TON!), click here.

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