Polar Opposites

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Last week can only be described as a lesson in contrast. After Owen spent his first week at school he predictably came down with some sort of unnamed plague. This lasted through the week and seemed to lift just in time for a big party over the weekend.

It started (at our best guess) with some seriously rosy cheeks over Halloween weekend. It spread (we think) to Max where it was diagnosed as Fifth Disease. This was a miserable time for Owen, with high spiking temperatures (upwards of 104) and what can be described as “fatigue” but is better shown than talked about.


He was playing about two seconds earlier. This happened multiple times during the week.

The fatigue didn’t hit Max quite as hard. His symptoms leaned more towards the skin-reddening variety. Of course, that didn’t stop him from taking advantage of us by guilting us into extra TV time.


Yeah. You say no to that.

As I mentioned, thankfully the whole thing seemed to be over with by the time the weekend rolled around. That was fortunate, as we were scheduled to attend a party in Sherman to celebrate JoAnn’s recent graduation.

Max spent much of his time playing with a couple of computers he found laying around.


This is one of the two. He insisted that everyone play with it with him.

Owen, on the other hand, seemed very intent on getting himself into photo-worthy situations with various family members.


First Uncle Ryan, now Uncle Steve. No hat is safe.


He also got in on the computer action. Can’t let his brother have all the fun.


No one in the family will believe me when I say these two were sharing those toys.


Have we mentioned that he’s getting good at climbing up on sofas?

The whole thing culminated in a flurry out outdoor activity, including yet another chance at a photo op…


They are all looking at the camera. I am happy.

…and a vaguely contentious game of flag football…


FLAG FOOTBALL. No tackling, JoAnn.

Thankfully no one was injured…at least not badly. After all the excitement we made our way home to try and catch up on our rest and prepare for the onslaught of crazy that will come over the holiday season.


Sheesh. Even the kids look tired.

If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. See you next week, after the big guy passes another milestone and celebrates his third birthday!

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