Christmas Lead-In 2013

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As with every year, we continued the never-ending process of preparing for Christmas this week. Buying presents, decorating the house, and enjoying tasty hot beverages continue, but we also must partake in our annual school Christmas parties.

We begin at Owen’s school.


Sadly I couldn’t be there but he seemed happy anyway.

It looks like it was a pretty simple affair, complete with a gift exchange.


Puzzles for everyone!


Followed by some construction work.

Apparently the party happened to coincide with music day, so Christy stuck around a little to catch some photos of Owen enjoying himself.


He loves this, yet has never mentioned it to us except in passing.


Seriously. He’s been in there for months. Not a word.

Luckily I was able to find some time to attend the second Christmas party of the week, which took place at Max’s school. This was a little more complicated and required some parental intervention. It started with us setting up a couple of stations while the kids were asked to find a paper doll that kept moving around the room. Whoever found it was rewarded with a small prize.


Max rummaged through the prize bag for what seemed like an hour before settling for this squirrel.


We decided to let him hand out his gifts to his friends (an entire bag of rainbow loom bracelets, mostly made by his mother).

Then it was time for us to put the activity centers to use. First up for Max was the snowman building station.


This went well for the first few marshmallows.


But construction difficulties regarding the lacking adhesive properties of frosting turned it into the snowman eating station.

When we were done with that, we moved over to another snowman-related activity.


Guess who volunteered.


This was a surprisingly effective means of getting him to stand still for five minutes.


I’d say it turned out well.


Of course, these things are not meant to last.

From there, it was on to the snowball roll activity.


Not much explanation required there, really.

Then, finally, it was time to decorate a Christmas frame.


This was probably the most sedate activity, as Max didn’t need much help.


A sticker here, a snowman there…


…aaaand done.


Thankfully someone was kind enough to snap a photo of the three of us before we headed out.

One party in a day isn’t nearly enough, so we went to pick up Owen and prepared ourselves for the annual day care party that would take place in the evening. This went pretty much down to the usual routine.


The boys colored while watching a Christmas movie.


They sat on Santa’s lap and asked him for stuff.


After eating, they ran around the halls like maniacs (it’s agains the rules to do so during the school day).


Owen showed off his Christmas art project.


And we got a family photo (complete with Max’s crazy eyes).

It was an eventful week, but it’ll pale in comparison to the deluge of photos we have coming for the next one. Might take a little while to get everything processed and written up, but I’m sure I’ll get to it soon. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next week for Santa’s arrival.

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