Gulf Shores

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After we somehow managed to extract Max and Owen from the petting zoo we made our way through a narrow bit of Mississippi and right into Alabama, where we arrived at our second vacation spot, Gulf Shores. We planned to spend a few days hanging out on the beach with the boys before making a long drive back home.

Unfortunately the weather was starting to turn on us after we arrived, so we spent most of the first day gathering up our groceries for the week and getting some dinner. The next morning, we got up early and headed right down to the beach after breakfast.


Owen was not particularly interested in the water.


Max was all about it, though.

Water Fun With Max

We went quite a ways from shore because there was a sand bar out there. His mother was not amused.

Water Fun With Owen

Lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. Maybe next time.


Christy was not all about the sun.

We all spent a good bit of our time building various sand castles to keep Owen entertained.


World’s biggest sandbox.


Try as he might, Max could not fill up this moat. He couldn’t accept that this was in fact an impossible task because the sand was absorbing all his water.

Max eventually grew bored with the sand castles, so I took him out in the water for a bit. After he’d had his fill of being knocked over by waves he insisted on participating in a time honored beach tradition.


Welp, see you later buddy.

Halfway through the day I decided that Max and I should invest in some boogie boards. We returned to the ocean so he could try and fail repeatedly to catch a wave.


We tried, we really did.

Owen, meanwhile, was taking a bit of a break so he could recover from the morning’s sand castle construction frenzy.


He’s five years old and already reading Geronimo Stilton. We have no idea what to do with him.

Christy’s brother was headed out to Gulf Shores as well, and they were staying a little ways up the beach. We’d told them before we left New Orleans that we’d be happy to have a cousin out to stay with us so the boys would have someone to play with.


So Blakely came by to join in the fun.

They spent a lot of time looking for shells and digging in the sand and just generally enjoying themselves, and it was a nice change of pace for the boys to have someone to hang out with aside from us.


Oh, and Max wanted to do this again.

Christy was kind enough to do some sand work for each of the kids.


I believe we did this in California as well.


…and one for Owen.

That night we all sat around and ate pizza before sorting through the shell collection the kids had amassed at the beach.



I’m just now realizing I have no idea where all those shells are at the moment. Ah well, I’m sure they’ll turn up when we clean the house a few months from now.

The next morning was spent much as the one before. Lots of sand sculpting, lots of time in the waves, and Max’s first experience with a jellyfish (he was fine after a few minutes, didn’t get him too much).

We’d all had our fill of the beach for the moment, so we decided to head out and get some ice cream at a local place. Turns out this local place had excellent lighting so I took a bunch of photos while we were there.


Mmmm. Ice cream.


Owen is more about face making than ice cream.


He’s such a ham.


Yay pictures!

After ice cream, we decided to go to a nearby putt-putt place we’d passed on the way in. In retrospect, we probably should have gone there first (it was hot!).


We had a good time, though.


It took us a while to get Max to grasp the basic concept of not swinging his golf club like a bat.

After a while, they got to the usual putt-putt stage of just goofing off and barely trying. So we finished off the round and headed on to our next destination.


Tourist trap souvenir shopping!

Max and Owen wandered around for what seemed like forever before deciding on a few trinkets and we decided to get them some airbrushed shirts with their names on them for fun (no photos of those, sadly).

We finished off our day with a lovely dinner at a place called The Gulf (highly recommended, and one of few plugs you’ll ever see on this blog). We ate while looking out over the shipping channel and watching dolphins swim around, which was pretty much a perfect last night for our vacation.

In the morning, we got up and put on some nice clothes to take care of something Christy had been trying to do since we arrived.


Ahh, family photos.

We tried to get every possible combination, since we have some photos on the wall that need updating.


With silly glasses.


Without silly glasses.


Photos with mommy.


Photos with daddy.

You get the idea. After that it was time for our vacation to finally draw to a close. We packed up the car, bid one last farewell to the beach, then started the grueling drive back to Dallas.


Okay, fine, I took one last photo before we left.

It was an insane week, but I think everyone had a lot of fun. If you want to check out even more photos, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time with what I can only hope will be a shorter stack of photographs.

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