So Long, Old Friend

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A lot about pregnancy comes down to compromise. You have to decide between what you want and what’s going to be best for the future. You’ll find yourself making sound financial decisions, worrying about how the cat’s going to react to a pink squalling horror, and doing things you otherwise might not have done. This weekend I decided it was time to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

Craftsman know-how can turn anything into a pile of rubble.

Early in our relationship my wife came to realize that, along with my winning personality, she was going to have to accept something into her home. It was a bit overwhelming, and certainly not in keeping with her sensibilities, but she’s thus far been very understanding of its presence. It lurked in the corner of our office, monolithic and proud. It ate the light around it with its sheer darkness, and demanded my attention at least a few times a week.

But now it’s time to say goodbye.

It started life as a Zaxxon cabinet, and for 18 years it suffered at the injustice of a thousand banging hands. I gave it a safe place to live for a few years, but nothing lasts forever. The guest bedroom needed a new home, and there was just no room for it anymore.

Unfortunately for my wife, I decided to keep all the meaningful innards. One day Max and I will stand side by side in the highest tower of a monumental castle, cursing the skies to unleash their fury and reanimate my old friend.

At the very least, it’ll be good for some father-son bonding time.

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