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To start off, my wife has indicated to me…repeatedly…that this blog is not a stage in a stand-up club. Well, not just that. It’s also meant to inform people of what’s gong on. With that in mind:
It’s a boy!
His name is Max (just Max) Nathan!
He’s due on November 23rd!
So…did you hear the one about the guy and the newt?

This weekend provided us with a few glimpses of what will eventually be a fully-fledged member of our family. Little hands and feet and the occasional creepy skeletal shot made their appearance when we visited our overly clinical high-risk doctor. If you’re interested, you can take a look at the whole video right here.
During this process, we noticed something strange. Max seemed to be trying to tell us something, but we couldn’t quite get what it was. After reviewing the slow-motion replay, we found out what he was really doing:

Baby’s first hand signal: You are a loser.

Maybe I really am turning into my dad. We used to do that to him all the time.

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