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As preganant women go, I’ve been very lucky in this first five-plus months of pregnancy! Maybe since we had such a hard time getting to this point, life is making it up to us on the front end of our pregnancy. Or, maybe it is just the calm before the storm…

As my loving, dear husband mentioned in our first baby blog, the process of getting us here took a lot out of us. Throughout the process, we just kind of went through the motions, between the pills, countless shots and constant visits to the clinic. For someone who hates the doctor’s office, it was actually comforting for me to go in each week (or multiple times a week) to visit the group of people who made our dream possible. In addition to our doctor and nurses, we also had such great support from family and friends, and that really meant the world to me.

Most of all, I’m so grateful that I have Jon. He’s truly been the best support I could ever ask for, even if he does treat me like a disabled person most of the time (trust me, honey, I won’t hurt the baby by carrying a gallon of milk into the house!). I am definitely spoiled by how much he takes care of me. I’m really going to miss the almost daily foot and leg rubs when little Max decides to join us in the real world. He’s also so sweet and caring – it makes me smile when I see him playing with our niece Emma or our friends’ little boy, Mikey. He just lights up, and I can see just how great he is going to be as a father! I might not even mind when he Photoshops all of Max’s baby pictures for his own comedic enjoyment.

Things are really starting to feel real now! As Jon mentioned in the last blog, we actually have a nursery with furniture in it now (thanks, Nancy for all the help unloading and assembling everything! You really are strong, despite your tiny, tiny frame!). I only hope that Max doesn’t develop a complex with all of the animals peeking out at him from their frames (the bunny’s eyes look shifty to me).

Other than the frequent nights battling restless legs, I’m doing well. The multiple trips around the house in the wee hours of the morning will prepare me for night feedings. Max is also kicking up a storm, which is really lots of fun (for now). We won’t get to have another ultrasound for at least a couple of months, but at least we have the fetal doppler to listen to him at home. That, and finishing up with nursery planning will hopefully make the time pass until we can actually meet our little guy!

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Aunt Molly 03 August 2007

I am really impressed with how well you can express your feelings, Jonathan. I am very happy that you and Christy perservered and that Little Max is now on his way!
I can’t imagine my life without my three wonderful children and I’m sure that you and Christy will feel the same way after the birth of your baby.
You and Christy have a lot of fun (and frustration!) to look forward to!


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