Days 2 & 3

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After all the excitement of the delivery, things started to slow down a little. Max is getting much more sleep than we have, but we’re just happy that he’s healthy and eating well. We have him on a good schedule, and I’m getting used to dealing with the concentrated evil coming out of his back end. Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me about these things?

New photos after the jump.

Max has been spending a lot of time with this lady.

Max rocks out to the sweet beats of his hearing test. He threw up the metal horns, which I guess means he passed.

Max gets some time with his Mimi.

…and a little more time with his Nan.

…and of course a little time with the double-headed Miminan.

Somehow his parents managed to get him for a few minutes, too.

Dad got some baby time this morning, so Christy got to mess around with the new camera. I think she prefers the baby.

After all that, Max has just spent a lot of time like this.

While I was typing out this post, Christy realized that Max left her a bit of a present the last time she fed him. I guess I need to point his fire hose down next time I change him so he doesn’t pee all over her again. It’s weird, normally you don’t laugh when someone pees on you, but I guess babies get special permissions.

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