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This week, we finally got a chance to indulge our greedy side and keep Max all to ourselves. It wasn’t a big week, but a good one just the same. Max has two best friends now named Ceiling Fan and Tasty Fist. He relentlessly chews/sucks on one while intently watching the other. The question of which he does with which is left as an exercise to the reader.

We also had a few firsts this week.

Max figured out how to get his tummy time mat to play music (beat the crap out of the hanging tiger). He also started grabbing the tail feather of the bird on his rocker. His ears have also provided some interest, as he grabs them when he gets sleepy. He’s not quite fully capable with his hands, but he’s moving swiftly from random to controlled movements.

See? Extremely controlled movement. He held his hands like this for a half-hour!

He also started holding his head up for extended periods of time, which is especially fun to watch when he’s in his crib.

Mmmmm…delicious caterpillar.

Christy also had a first this week. Saturday marked the first time she left the house without Max for several hours. She was pretty nervous about it, but I took really good care of Max while she was out.

Even Dio never rocked this hard.

Even after all of that, Max had yet another first when we took him down to the park. The weather was perfect this weekend, and it was a good chance for all of us to get out of the house for some time in the sun.

There was a hat, but it wasn’t dry yet. Perhaps next week.

Ahhh, sunbathing.

Due to my life of computing, I have the same skin tone as an infant.

Despite the objections of my better half, I’ve decided to temporarily start a new feature at the end of these blog posts. We both get a few laughs when we come up with a new nickname during bath/changing time, so I figured we’d start sharing some here for everyone’s amusement.

This week’s euphemism for baby privates: Henry Tinkler (my contribution) and the Fonzarellis (Christy’s contribution).

See you next week.

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