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It’s not Sunday, but we can’t always make the deadline. To make up for it, we’ve provided an abundance of photos and even some video for your viewing pleasure.

Another month has passed, and Max is growing by leaps and bounds. He’s almost mastered control of his neck, and is spending a lot more time cooing and smiling at us. It’s been a pretty eventful week, with a visit to the doctor, crib sleeping, and a visit from the northern grandparents.

Early in the week, Max started doing the same weird motions he was doing a few weeks ago. He’d extend his arms in front of him and get a very scared look on his face…so we decided it was time to go to the doctor. Thankfully, we had a quick diagnosis, and it turns out that Max has an exaggerated startle reflex. The doctor was able to reproduce the problem and said it would probably go away within the next few months. Needless to say, we’re very relieved.

After finding out that good news, we decided it would be okay to move Max into his crib for his overnight sleeping. Christy was still a little bit apprehensive about the whole thing, so I dug into the much maligned cable closet and dug out the longest composite cable I could find.

MaxTV is Christy’s new favorite channel. This thing stays on all night.

We also enjoyed our first Valentine’s Day with Max. He didn’t seem terribly impressed with the flowers and the jewelry, but he wasn’t entirely upset with the bib.

What, no chocolate?

As it was his three month birthday, we thought we’d take another comparison shot to see how much he’s grown.

He could not possibly be more laid back.

He also got a visit from his Mimi and Pa-paw this weekend so we could go out for a nice dinner. From what we heard, he didn’t give them a very easy time.

Such a sad, sad face.

He’s also been spending a little more time on the floor for tummy time and general playing. I think the cat is jealous.

They won’t even look at each other.

After all of that, we somehow managed to get some video together to post out there. Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week!

Playing, Talking, Swiging

Max plays with the animals on his jungle play mat and does a little swinging with a stuffed doggy.

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