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Time flies when you’re alternating between work, travel, baby care, cooking, cleaning, and taking pictures. The last two weeks have been quite a blur.

Last weekend we took the long haul down to Houston and witnessed the chaos of five children under the age of 5 running around the house. Holidays from here on are going to be…interesting. Max managed to make it most of the way through each leg of the trip without waking up, but made sure we knew he was unhappy for the last 15 minutes each way.

After all of that, we were so tired that we had to spend the entire week recovering (hence no blogging).

Yesterday was the first day of our relaxing weekend, and it turns out Max’s Pa-Paw was in town so we had a chance to visit with him. Max certainly made it interesting by talking up a storm and being adorable…well, mostly.

He also seems to have figured out how to put things in his mouth. First his fist, then his wrist, then his fingers, then his thumbs, then his stuffed lion, then a stuffed frog, then an entire watermelon. Don’t ask me, I didn’t buy it for him and I’m not a physics major.

Christy and I are both about to pass out now, so we’ll just wrap it up with some pictures. Hopefully we’ll be back on schedule next weekend.

We finally captured the pout in all its glory.

Scientists have determined that his fist is made up primarily of delicious candy.

This frog? Also made of candy.

The thumb is surprisingly not made of candy. It is made of cake.

Well, that solves that mystery. He apparently looks more like his dad, at least in the mornings.

Kyle’s full name is “Baby Kyle”.

Collyn apparently wanted to look like Snow White…so she cut her hair. I eagerly await the day that Max decides he wants to look like Curly from the Three Stooges.

Why yes, Max. Yes it is.

Max demonstrates that blurry pictures can still be good pictures.

No, those aren’t Calvin Klein jeans, but he does have the “staring off into the distance” thing down pat.

I’m gonna go pass out. See you next week.

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Jenn 28 January 2008

Such a Cutie! He is getting so big!!!


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