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We really did mean to post a blog last week. I promise. Somewhere between getting home from The Woodlands late last Sunday and getting ready for a trip to Sherman this Sunday, we just got derailed. But, yet again, to compensate for our dreadful posting habits, we’ll give you TONS of photos.

Last weekend, Max attended his first family crawfish boil. I’m not sure he ever actually saw a crawfish, but he had loads of fun hanging out with his cousins, second-cousins, aunts, uncles, Nan, and Pappa. He also attended Easter festivities/service at Nan and Pappa’s church and Easter brunch at the Gratlands, so it was a big, eventful weekend for him.

Max and T Barrett spent some time hanging out.

Max may not be taller than Kyle yet…but soon. Soon.

We so rarely get photos of the three of us!

Yes, it is a sweater vest. You got a problem with that?

There are a lot more pictures of the event here.

Today, we went up to Cindy and Tammy’s for “Birthday-palooza – Spring edition” (celebrating four birthdays in one day – mainly Tanner’s, but also JoAnn’s, Steve’s and Tammy’s – Happy Belated/Early Birthdays, you guys! And, Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Kyle!). This time around, he got to hang out with his cousins on Mommy’s side for the first time in a long time. Amidst all the birthday craziness, he seemed to do rather well, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s running around with everyone.

Max was very interested in the present opening process.

Chicks dig me!

Spongebob Squaremax. Oh yes, I went there.

What has two thumbs and loves sticking them in his mouth? THIS GUY!

You can see the rest of that set here.

Now that Max is getting a little older, we’re trying hard to get him comfortable with being around lots of people, so the last couple of weekends have been fun for us, to see how well he is progressing. Maybe he won’t be a mommy’s boy after all (though I wouldn’t mind it if he were just a little, for a little while)!

For those who are interested, Max is doing much better in the diaper department. Cutting dairy definitely seems to be working, so it looks like I’ll continue to be dairy free for a while longer. We’ll test the waters in a month or so to see how he does after I sneak in some dairy. I’m already dreaming of what my dairy will be (mmm…. cheesy Mexican food… wait… a nice cold bowl of cereal for breakfast… no wait… chocolate cake… hmmmm…. this might get difficult!)

It was just over a year ago (March 19, 2007) that we found out for sure that we were expecting Max. Now, we can’t remember what life was like before he was here (except I know we were more rested then!) It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun (and are sleep-deprived)!

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