Mothers’ Day / Six Months!!

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This week has so far been very exciting! On Sunday, I celebrated my first Mothers’ Day. And, on this lovely Tuesday, Max is six months old! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing for our little boy!

Last weekend, we traveled to Houston for Mothers’ Day. Other than the weather being ridiculously muggy, we had a wonderful time.

On Saturday, we hung out by the pool and ate shrimp. Max even tried out the pool, a little.

The water was FREEZING, but Max didn’t seem to mind it at all


When it was too muggy to stay outside, we went inside to relax. It’s always chaotic having all of the grandkids in one room, but it was fun to see how much they’ve grown, and are starting to interact a little.

Baby Max and Baby Kyle

We tried to get a photo of all of them, but it’d be easier to herd a group of cats than it is to get five young kids to look at a camera and smile!

This is one of the best of the photos Jon took. Hopefully someone else got a better shot.

Max was a perfect baby on Sunday – he woke up happy, was good in church, entertained us all during lunch (video to come later this week), entertained me on the drive back to Dallas (again, more video to come), and was sweet after bathtime before bed.

Most kids have bedhead after waking up. Not our Max — he’s an overachiever.

It almost makes me forget the next night when he decided to wake up at 3:30am and stay up for most of the rest of the morning! Ah, the joys of motherhood!

It is just odd that six months ago at this time (4:30 or so pm), I was being moved into a recovery room after having Max. He was so tiny then! That day was so crazy, but so wonderful. I know in a couple of years, momnesia will kick in and I’ll forget many details of the day, so today, I took time to remember everything, and to say a prayer of thanks for our little blessing (who is currently resting on my shoulder and “singing”).

We’re so very lucky.

To celebrate the six month milestone, tonight we’ll try peas! More details on that later this week! We also have his 6-month checkup on Friday, so we’ll let you know this weekend how big he’s gotten.

Until then, enjoy these pictures from the weekend!

Look at me! I’m sitting all by myself!

Aren’t I cute???

Mothers’ Day – after church

Max was exhausted after a long weekend of being cute

Six months today and practicing his cheezy grin

For the full set of photos, click here.

Jon’ll post some videos later this week of Max in all his cuteness.

Have a great week, everyone!

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JoAnn 30 April 2008

Hi Precious-
The photos are wonderful–sorry I still haven’t down loaded my photos yet–will try to get done–had to be at work early this week
You’ve made me and the folks at work smile.
Love ya


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