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Apparently I said I was going to do a blog post the day after the last thing we posted. I’d blame the lack of updates on fatigue or lack of time, but I’d be lying if I said that. Really, we’ve just been held captive by the evil brainchild of a very famous Hollywood type. During the last week we may or may not have even had a baby in the house. All I know is that we knocked over a lot of big towers. The rest is sort of hazy. We’ll just use this week as a clearing house for some videos and pictures that haven’t made the blog yet.

First up, a few quick photos.

Hooray for Mommy’s college!

Hooray for silly hats!

Hooray for Nancy!

Hooray for car seat yoga!

Hooray for…wait, why am I wearing a rain jacket inside?

And then, the videos!

Max and Peas

We had a photo of this up a few posts back, but the video really captures the essence of his reaction better.

Rolly Max

A bit of a long one, but worth it (for us, at least).

Max in Sherman

A few quick cuts of a crazy day in Sherman.

See you next week!

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