Max’s Big Adventure – Day 1

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It started as a business trip, but it seemed unfair to leave Christy and Max at home without me. So we decided to turn it into a mini-vacation.

We started at 4am…well, technically we started three weeks ago, but we really got into it at 4am. The bags were already mostly packed, and Max had a reasonable night’s sleep by our most recent standard (he was up once or twice in the middle of the night). So…

Shower? Check. Feed the baby? Check. Finish packing? Chec….wait, did we remember…and…the…check. Bungee cords? Check. Baby? Check. Garbage? Check. Alarm? Check. Dave? Wait, where’s Dave? Alarm, uncheck. Dave? Check. Alarm? Check.

(For those tuning in, Dave is a small stuffed dog that goes with us when we travel)

Then we were on our way. Max saw his first sunrise on the way in, which was unfortunately pointed right at his face. He didn’t seem to mind too much, since he somehow managed to go back to sleep on the way to the airport. After making some minor convenience based spending decisions (yay on-airport parking!) we found ourselves at the ticket counter, checking through an overweight bag filled with a ridiculous amount of baby stuff (and maybe some of our stuff, too).

Security? Ha. We laugh at your complaints about taking off your shoes. We had FIVE boxes of miscellany sliding through that machine in addition to the car seat, stroller, diaper bag, backpack, duffel bag, and cactus. They wouldn’t let us take the last one on the plane, unfortunately. At least we know Max hasn’t swallowed anything metal in the last few days.

We had some initial fussing in the airport, but he managed to cheer up a bit after some food.

Airport food tastes oddly the same as home food…for Max, at least.

Christy then magically managed to put him to sleep in a crowded airport, something she was somewhat annoyed with (since he never goes down that quickly for her at home). I guess we need to buy an Airport White Noise CD.

The plane has been interesting so far. He enjoyed a feeding on the way up, apparently learned how to high-five without our knowledge, fussed a little, watched a little bit of Finding Nemo, then abruptly passed out.

Yay! We’re not “those people” with the screaming baby!

After enjoying his nap, he proceeded to soak in the sights.

The windows!

The mountains!

The camera!

The volcanos!

The camera! Again!

All in all, a successful plane trip for little Max. We’re hanging out at the hotel now, just trying to settle in with the ridiculous amounts of stuff we brought along. Max seems to be enjoying himself.

The thread count on these sheets is phenomenal!

Our next post will cover the rest of our trip and hopefully we’ll be able to get some video up soon!

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JEnn 16 May 2008

LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. TOo cute and all that drool. It never ends even when all of their teeth are in! 🙂

Papa John 18 May 2008

Would you be so kind as to post the video taken on May 11th where I was able to draw a laugh out of Max with my unusually childlike demeanor.
I would really like to see and hear Max’s chuckle.


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