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Days without a plane ride seem especially uneventful, especially when I spend the majority of my time at a work conference. As such, we decided to combine the last several days of our trip into one post. Read on for riveting stories about rain and fish.

Day 2 consisted of, from what I’ve been told, unheard of amounts of baby poop. I didn’t see any of it, but Christy says she changed six hundred diapers and that I owe her forever for it. He also did this a lot, apparently.

You, there! Bring me more pillows!

We also got to experience quite a bit of what Seattle is most famous for: seafood and rain. We ventured out on foot and found ourselves just outside of Pike Place Market. We had a lovely meal at Cutter’s while Max had a series of increasingly creepy staring contests with the other patrons. During dinner, we watched as a downpour slowly made its way across the Puget Sound just in time for our departure. Luckily, Max was totally prepared for this event.

Someday I’ll have my own made-for-TV after school special.

Tensions mounted as we attempted to find dry pathways back to the hotel, culminating in a mad dash across rainy areas back to the hotel. Max, of course, fell asleep halfway through all of this.

Christy here…

Day 3 was fairly uneventful all around. Jon spent the day at the conference, and Max and I played in the hotel room. It was a quiet day, which was nice.

See? I’m being good. All I needed was a sweatshirt with a hood.

After hours of perusing websites to determine where to go for dinner, Jon decided that we should try some of the Tom Douglas restaurants. Really, he just wanted some fancy pizza from Serious Pie. Since I’m still avoiding dairy (as much as I can), and I don’t see the need for hoity-toity pizza, I opted for fish and chips from Etta’s. We made a quick car trip around downtown to pick up food from each place, then settled into the hotel to eat, relax, and give Max a bath.

Night 3 wasn’t much fun. Max still definitely hates the port-a-crib provided by the hotel. At about 10:45, he woke up SCREAMING, and neither Jon nor I could calm him. After considerable time, he finally settled back down (sleeping on me), but woke up several times throughout the night. After sleeping in a bit (8am – aah, parenthood), we started our day and headed back over to Pike Place Market for sight-seeing and lunch. We saw the guys throwing fish, though I’m not sure Max was very impressed.

Proof! We were there!

After that, we headed over to the Seattle Aquarium, so Max could see some fish. Again, he wasn’t that interested in much of it, but he did seem to enjoy taking pictures with Daddy.

Oh, please. I’m not having any fun at all.

We were tired of perusing all of the various restaurant websites, so for dinner we trekked over to the Whole Foods Market to pick up soup and sandwiches, and to get a few extra jars of baby food for Max. The Seattle WFM was great! As we were leaving, the skies cleared up and the weather was gorgeous! It was still misting (even though there were no clouds overhead), which was cool. It was so nice to see the sunset shimmering on the water.

Sunset, nothing! Look at me! Overalls, baby!

Jon coming back in to finish up…

We finished out the day on a good note, generally just relaxing and enjoying the hotel room. Something was a little creepy, though…

Stroller frog knows where you sleep.

We awoke the next morning to find that a giant cruise ship had settled in right outside our window. Our view thus marred, we thought it would be a good idea to venture out in search of breakfast. Luckily, I’d found a morning solution to Christy’s dairy-free diet: organic vegan donuts. The only way they could be more granola crunchy is if they came in a bag made from hemp. Max, of course, was very impressed.

Linkydoos are neither organic nor vegan. Max doesn’t care.

After stuffing ourselves full of chocolaty organic vegan goodness, we gave Max a quick feeding so he could enjoy a nice ride on the ferry.

Look at me! I’m on a boat!

Look at me! I’m still on a boat!

Look at me! I’m still on a boat, and there’s a window!

More proof! Space needle!

The second to last photo there was heavily staged. Max wasn’t even remotely interested in the fact that he was on a boat, heading across the Puget Sound. He was far more interested in…

The table!

The bib!


The beard!

So, of course, we obliged him to make sure he was well entertained.

I will steal your face!

We settled in for a nice lunch at Ivar’s when we returned. The clam chowder was great, as was the halibut. The Rickroll* was not so good.

After that, we went back to the hotel and crashed for the rest of the day. After all the packing and other assorted madness we finally got to bed (Max slept on me most of the night). An early wake-up and mad dash through the airport later, and we were on our way home. Unfortunately, we were too tired to remember to take any photos on the way home, but that’s mostly because Max spent almost the entire flight sleeping.

Despite the sleeping problems, the hills (people tend to pull up a little close to your bumper on a 45 degree incline), and the rain, it was actually a really good vacation. I have to admit, though, it’s nice to be home.

If you want to view the full photo set from the vacation, click here.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to sift through all the video we took and get it online this weekend. So long until then!

*For those not hip to current internet memes, apparently some people think it’s hilarious to trick people into watching the music video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. For reasons I won’t go into, they call it Rickrolling (oh, yes, dad, I linked Wikipedia). It’s really an excellent way to lose friends, if you’re into that sort of thing. We were halfway through our meal at Ivar’s and the song came on through the overhead speakers. Christy thought it was hilarious.

Christy here… What Jon doesn’t mention is that I had a HUGE crush on Rick Astley when I was in junior high/high school. I was 13 or 14 years old, which would mean that Jon was…. um…. well, we just won’t go there. It was a REALLY LONG TIME AGO. But, it may have been the beginning of my love of redheads!

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