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After our 4th of July outing, we spent a good while just trying to recover. We had an ant infestation to deal with (which is as of yet unresolved) which resulted in a full-on clean out of most of our kitchen. Max, of course, was completely unfazed by any of this. He’s continued working on crawling, but doesn’t quite have it down yet. While working on that, of of course, he’s provided us with some more photo ops.

Ha ha! Your angry dragon style is no match for my short monkey style!

What? Uh…oh…yeah, daddy put me over here like this! I can’t move anywhere, remember? Right? Yeah, that’s right. Not me.

His ability to move around is both a blessing and a curse. It seems like he makes most of his progress when his motive is escape, as evidenced by his behavior in the crib. When looking at the following photo, keep in mind that he started at the other end.

Any good secret agent quickly learns how to evade the security cameras.

He’s also really enjoying the opportunity to work on standing up.

I can sort of stand up…kind of…

Over this past weekend we had a chance to get together with some out of town friends (and some in town friends), which was a good opportunity for Max to see some new stuff. We spent Sunday morning at the Gaylord Texan resort. For those not familiar with the hotel, it contains a giant atrium with various restaurants, fountains, plants, and model trains. It was nice to get out after all the crazy time at home!

Wrapping paper is awesome!

Table tiles are slightly less awesome than wrapping paper.

Dads, look at the camera! Kids, look at the tiny train going around the track that no one else can see in the picture!

Oh hai again! I has no upper lips.

Um…what is that kid over there doing?

What, you don’t recognize Act 3 of La bohème? OPERA! LAAAAAA!

Of course, all good times must come to an end eventually.

How ’bout you get that camera out of my face.

To see the rest of the photos from this set, click here.

Two out of four blogs complete for the week. Tomorrow we’ll delve into some of the archival footage we’ve been trying to get out there for a while.

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Jenn 24 June 2008

Max looks just like Jonathan! It is crazy! The older he gets the more alike they look. He is too cute!!! Hope to see him and you of course 🙂 soon.

JoAnn 25 June 2008

have been showing off Max for several days now.
love to smile at the photos


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