The Long Awaited Seattle Videos

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I finally sat down and did the legwork to get our collection of Seattle videos online. We spent an awful lot of time shooting video out there, but I was able to pare it down to the bare essentials for the viewing public. Expect a Collector’s Edition DVD next year sometime (with bloopers!).

Pike Place Market

Max shows just how much he cares about giant flying fish.

Seattle Aquarium

A little later in the week, we hit the Seattle Aquarium to let Max see some cool fish that weren’t sitting on a dinner plate.

Mama Max

We also spent a decent bit of our time in the hotel room (since it was rainy and cold out quite a bit). Max provided all the entertainment we needed.

Ferry Max

To close out the week on a final Puget Soundish note, we decided to take a ferry ride across and back. Max was very, very impressed.

Blog post three out of four complete. With any luck, we’ll see you tomorrow!

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Nan 30 June 2008

Once again, Max you just get cutier with every picture. Nan misses you. Tell your mom and dad hi and that we miss you all. Love, Nan

JoAnn 02 July 2008

I’m addicted to having to look Max up everyday—He makes me smile………
I love seeing you two too!!!!!but he just makes me and the staff here smile…..he is so cute


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