Remainders, Teething, Birthdays, etc.

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After last week’s barrage of posts, we’re finally back on our regular posting schedule. Even with all the posting we still managed to miss out on a few of the events over the last week, plus some new stuff had to go and happen over the weekend so we have to cover that, too. Blogging is hard work, I tells ya.


We already posted some photos of Max from my birthday last week, but we did have a few leftovers sort of hanging around that we just had to share.

We turned our entire entryway into a baby crawlspace. It’s quite colorful NAKED BABY BELLY!

More of Max loving wrapping paper. What is it with kids and animals and this stuff?

To see the rest of that small set, click here.

Max also had a couple of firsts this week. We’ve been working on getting him used to a sippy cup (not pictured), and are trying to work him into some more solid foods. Our attempt at mashed bananas was sadly not successful. Our attempt at teething biscuits, however…

Not quite sure what to think about this…

Seems okay, I guess…

Max likey…




The blank stare of the sugar coma.

The rest of the photos from his cookie devouring adventure can be found here.

Even after all of that, there was still more for us to do. We have a lot of weird coincidental birthdays among the various family members (many people share birthdays, others are a few days apart…it makes for group gatherings each year). This year, all of Christy’s side was kind enough to come down to have a party at the mall in Frisco. Everyone had a good time chowing down on various food court fare and cupcakes, and almost everyone had a round on the carousel.

Tammy, Tanner, and Brandy came with their game faces on.

Mimi brought plenty of kisses along for Max.

Tanner also brought his cupcake face with him.

I was able to capture this rare moment…a big sister and a little brother…getting along. That never happened when I was a kid.

Max didn’t last very long on his horsie. I’m pretty sure it had fleas.

Adreanna and Jayden’s horses did not have fleas…not even the second time around.


Okay, that’s way too many photos for one blog post. You can see the rest of that set here. We were going to try to get a video up this evening, but time is running short. We’ll try to get it out tomorrow. I assure you, the wait will be worth it.

See you then!

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