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Max has had quite a week for himself. He’s continued to pursue his goal of pressing a few more teeth through his gums (four so far). He perfected the art of sticking his tongue out at people. He nearly perfected his middle finger, which he’s been showing to everyone whether we like it or not. He spent hours and hours in the car. He spent hours and hours in The Woodlands with his four cousins.

Like I said, quite a week. That’s also why we had a little delay in our blogging this round. Luckily it was only delayed for a day this time. I think we’ll just let the photos speak for themselves from here on out.

See if you can guess which kid is the one with the higher energy level.

Wow, Papa…you sure do have a lot of gray hair…well, maybe “a lot” is the wrong way to phrase that…

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

I’m looking at Max, Max is looking at Kyle, Kyle is looking at me, no one is looking at the toy they’re supposedly playing with.

C’mon, Christy, put your hand in your mouth. All the cool kids are doing it.

I call this one, “Max Viewed Through One of Those Slidey Rail Toy Thingies”. It’s part of my fall collection.

Upside-down babies are freaking awesome.

Grumps didn’t smile until Max did this to him.

There’s a bunch more of them in the full set, which you can see by clicking here.

Of course, we had to try and get a family photo while we had all the kids together. You saw the video of us trying to just get Max to behave. We had five times the fun this time.

Emma! Emmmmaaaa! Over here!

Max…camera’s up here man…hey!

Funny, Collyn, but not technically a smile.

Chandler, Max is not the camera…

Emm…Ky…oh, come on, seriously?

Good enough! No mas! Go away!

Good times. See you next week!

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