Tired Again

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It seems like we always take a week to recover from the long car trips that take us to and from Houston. Max even seems out of sorts for a few days after we get back. I guess when you combine a four hour drive with a weekend of fun with all your cousins, then top it off with another four hour drive…yeah, sleepy.

We did manage to post the photos from the weekend, but neglected to provide a post or a link to let you know that they were there. Consider yourself notified.

We’re back to normal now, fortunately. Unfortunately, that means that Max is back on the road to Dangerville, population him.

He’s trying new foods (shredded chicken, sliced bananas, pasta, whole turkey legs) and trying new…well, things. His obsession with the remote has extended to an obsession with trying to get to the game consoles and other assorted electronics in the entertainment center.

You will be mine, cable box!

He’s also been working on his standing, which he started practicing in his crib over the weekend.

It’s not THAT big a drop, really.

Needless to say, we lowered it to the floor shortly thereafter. His mother didn’t want his middle name to be “Danger”, but he obviously disagrees. Of course, that’s not to say we didn’t have our docile moments. For instance, this moment from a trip to the mall.

You can fight it all you like. The Sandman is eventually going to get you.

Despite all the tiredness, we decided to drag ourselves out to the park on Sunday morning so Max could enjoy a little fresh air.

Marlon Brando is not impressed with your park.

He got used to the hat…eventually…or perhaps he forgot it when we put him in a strange new contraption.

Uhh…a little help here? I think you’re supposed to push me.

You can check out the rest of the photos from this week by clicking here.

Max also got a chance to hang out with some of his cousins (unfortunately the photos didn’t turn out) and his Mimi and Papaw over the weekend. He seemed to enjoy himself, especially since they brought him some presents.

Mimi and Papaw Come to Visit

Must be terrible to have to worry about all those toys.


Just some quick video we shot while hanging out at the park. That place is like a ghost town on early Sunday mornings. Sort of nice.

As if that wasn’t enough, Max even got a chance yesterday evening to have a video chat on the computer with his cousin Emma! They both seemed a little confused about the whole thing, but it was good to see her (and Jenn and Ryan) without the four hour drive involved. We’ll have to try and make a habit out of it so the kids can see each other more often.

If I have some time later, I’ll try to post some more videos. We have a ton of them just sitting around gathering dust.

Have a good week, everyone!

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Betty 04 August 2008

I bet you and Chris got a little play time in also!!!
I love reading your comments each week and the pictures are adorable!

Nan 06 August 2008

Hey Max, You talked your parents into that awesome table that plays music and has lots of fun stuff! Way to go, I know you are enjoying it. It is nice to see you and Mikey sharing so well!
I love & miss you, Nan
P.S. tell mom and dad hi


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