Jam Packed: Part 2

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Looks like this week has been pretty jam packed as well, which meant we didn’t quite get this done before the weekend. Late last week (well, week before last, I guess) we had a special visitor among us and Max got even more opportunities to get out of the house.

Guess we need to get you cleaned up first, Max. How was the bath?

Fine, thank you.

How about we take you out to the mall? You know, they have a carousel out there.

Do they? I hadn’t noticed.

We put your tray back on your stroller for you. That way you can eat stuff out of the cup holders.

Interesting. I appreciate that.

Not excited at all, I guess. What if we go to the balloon festival?

I’m listening.

Well, see, they have these big hot air balloons.

Where? I don’t see any…

Oh, hey, Nan! Look at that thing!

Level with me, dad. The giant panda…you see it too, right?

Well, that was fun. Do you want to see Mimi?

Why, yes. I have something to show her. Cheeeeeeeeeese!

Well, at least you had fun out there. Do you want to go to the park in the morning?

Yes, but don’t you think you have enough pictures of me on the swing?

No. It will never be enough. Now, get on the slide.

Much better!

Thus concluded the week. We (eventually) got to see everyone at the balloon festival, Max had a great time, and he got a chance to hang out with Nan for a few days. All in all, a crazy but good week.

We posted the second set of photos here. Trust me, there’s plenty more where these came from.

I’ll try to put up a new post tomorrow so we can finish catching up. If not, then it’ll be Tuesday. Here’s hoping everyone had a good weekend!

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christa 09 September 2008

Can I make a photo request? How about a pic of what his room looks like? Wide angle? 😉 He can be in it of course…


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