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On Monday, I could have sworn it was Thursday. Now it’s Friday, and it feels like Wednesday. Let’s all just pretend that it’s Monday and we’re actually posting this on time. I’ll even change the time stamp on the post to make the illusion complete. Look, it’s Monday! Magic time machine, etc.

Moving on.

Max had a much less exciting week this round (no giant balloons), but we did get a little quality time with the family up in Sherman.

We snapped a few shots at home, since Max has been doing a few more silly things around here.

Taken, just like all the other photos of him in a hat, just before he removed the hat.

Mostly, though, the shots came from our trip up to Sherman. We all had a good time playing with the kids.

Tanner has an awesome game face.

We even had a chance to…



Fine, get along and play together. Whatever.

There was a lot of volleyball and badminton, too…which Christy was kind enough not to photograph for the archives. Max also got a little present from Mimi.

Am I supposed to eat it?

All the excitement died down and we had a chance to settle back in at home with our little boy, who is getting cheesier by the day. Christy finally managed to snap a decent photo of the extent of his condition.

Be careful. If you look at this photo for too long you will develop a dairy allergy.

We also entered a new phase of parenthood that involved truly giving Max his own section of the house. This required the successful installation of a good old-fashioned baby cage.

I will eat my way out of here if I have to.

To see the rest of the photos from this week, click here.

We’ll try to get ourselves back on track this week so we can get the schedule back in line. Christy suggested that we move to a two-post weekly format with photos in one and video in the other. I suppose we can try to make that work. Have a good weekend, everyone…you know, on Friday…cause it’s Monday! Magic!

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