Zoo Bucks, La Da Da Dee Dee Zoo Bucks

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If you’re confused about the title, so is everyone else. Bottom line, Christy probably laughed (or grimaced) at it. That’s enough for me.

Max had a pretty interesting week. He’s getting used to his baby cage, and got a chance to get out to a whole new place.

We get it, you’re bored. Let’s go out.

Righto. Where are we this time?

As you may have guessed by the title, we’re at the zoo. The Fort Worth Zoo, to be specific about it. Max seemed to really enjoy himself, what with all the…


And tigers!

And orangutans!


He did have a good time, but it didn’t take long for him to start getting worn out. You can always tell because when he gets worn out, he does stuff like this.


It was a good time for everyone…except Christy’s hair. To see the rest of the photos from this week, you can click here.

We have a bunch of videos hanging out, just waiting to be edited and posted. I’ll try to get one up on Thursday.

Have a good one!

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