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Nice to actually get a blog entry in on time after being off schedule for so long. This has been an interesting week for Max, though we don’t have a whole lot of pictures to prove it.

He’s enjoying quite a few new foods and is moving on to a new bathing schedule as a result.

Do I have something on my nose?

He also got out into the world for a little while to perform his civic duty.

Democracy is awesome! They have stickers and everything!

We also had a chance to head out to Sherman to spend some time at the Austin College homecoming.

For some reason, this was the only shot that turned out…oh well…

Max also had a chance to visit with his family up north.

Once again, the only shot that turned out…at least it’s a good one!

Everyone had a good time out at Cindy and Tammy’s place, with bounce houses and bounce house obstacle courses for everyone. The only problem we had was a result of a practical joke that went a little awry. Halloween is a scary time of year, and the girls were having a little fun with a variation on the old “Say Bloody Mary 5 times in the dark” game. Apparently, one of the new versions involves the evil Chucky doll, who is supposed to appear “somewhere near the bathtub” if you say his name and turn around five times in a dark bathroom.

Here’s a tip for all the uncles out there. It may seem like a funny idea to hide in the bathtub and wait for the right moment for a big scare. Unfortunately, it’s not quite so funny on the receiving end. According to my wife, I’m a very, very bad man. Sorry again for that, kids. Funny joke not so funny anymore.

After all that craziness, we settled in for a nice relaxing Sunday. Max is finally getting to the point where he’s not eating any food at all out of jars (yay!), so we’re able to take him out to restaurants and feed him healthy options off the kid’s menu. He seemed pretty happy with his turkey sandwich.

He crumbled this piece of bread into a dozen pieces. We figured he was done eating at that point.

Not too many photos beyond those, but there are a few extras in the full set. Hope everyone has a good week!

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Anonymous 14 October 2008

Max was a joy Sunday. It was a beautiful fall experience. Who knew pumpkins could be that much fun!

Jo Ann Fogle 14 October 2008

how cute!!!
that child has grown—those expressions are so little boy–not a baby anymore.
Love ya


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