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Max had such an exciting week last week that we didn’t even get a chance to post a new video. Not only did he celebrate his first Halloween, he learned an entirely new trick.

The week started off slowly enough, and we had plenty of time to spend just goofing off with the little man.

This one goes out to any of my future employers. I’m clearly a very serious and professional man.

Max, of course, had his own fun in store on Friday. We thought long and hard to come up with just the right costume for him…

Nailed it.

Max seemed to find the whole thing a bit bizarre. We were out after dark, people he’d never seen before were offering things to him, and he had a weird new thing on his head. The candy bowl, on the other hand…

For your enjoyment, your candy has been inspected and pre-moistened by inspector #3!

That same night, in full pirate regalia, he decided to show us something completely new without any prompting whatsoever. We didn’t manage to catch it on video just then, but we did catch it later.

New Newness


To see the rest of the photos from last week, click here. Lots of pirate photos to be had.

Have a good week, everyone!

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