You Only Turn 1 Once (or Twice)

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Max is officially one year old. I think we’re still trying to wrap our heads around that fact. This year hasn’t exactly flown by, but it still seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for his arrival. His birthday week has been quite the roller coaster. I can’t believe we’re going to do it again next week as well in The Woodlands! (I better eat my Wheaties! Or, I would, if I could tolerate the milk!)

Thursday was Max’s actual birthday. We were both working at home, so we started his day by singing “Happy Birthday” to him. He didn’t seem too impressed. In fact, I think he was a bit annoyed by all the noise we were making so early in the morning. Since we were working, and since Max was still having tummy troubles, we didn’t do a whole lot. We took him out to dinner and let him have a few bites of ice cream (since he’d have cake on Friday). We did give him his presents, which he seemed not to mind so much:

Hey, this chair is my size. It’s like it was made just for me!

So, I sit in here and you pull me around? Cool… And, hey, it has cup holders!

Friday, we went to the Arboretum to have our 1-year family photos taken. The new photographer seems really great, and I feel safe that we got some great pictures to share with you all in the future. At the end of our hour, we decided to get the cute “cake smash” photo. Now, I’ve seen the pictures before, and they’re always cute, but there’s something very different about seeing your sweet little boy wrench his hands into a hunk of chocolate cake (Daddy’s idea) and then smear and fling it all over creation. It’s also not nearly as fun spending 10-15 minutes trying to get the chocolate icing (was there any cake in that cake?) out/off of every nook, cranny, and crevice of your half-naked son. Let’s just hope the pictures turn out to be cute enough to be worth the effort.

Saturday was Max’s big day – his party! That is, his first party! All of his “northern” family came out to the house to share in food, cake, bubbles, and fun. I think he really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. We didn’t get many pictures, but I know JoAnn got a bunch, so we’ll try to post an update with a few, and with some video, later this week.

Until then, here are some pics from Max’s party: Part 1.

Hey, now that I’m 1, can I have some of these?

Hanging with my uncle Steve… Check out my cool shirt that Mimi made for me!

Aren’t his cakes cute???

Our little family.

And the full family.

Um… what’s going on here? Why is there fire on my cake?

Mommy, there’s white gunk on my fingers


OK, we’re ready to go. Where are you taking us?

To see the rest of the photos from last week, click here and click here.

Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing in our special day with Max! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

I think we seriously tuckered our little guy out. He’s been napping for TWO HOURS now, which is very unusual for him.

We’re heading to The Woodlands on Friday for Max’s second 1st birthday party. We can’t wait to see everyone!

Have a great week!

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