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As we were looking through the pictures for this week, it occurred to us that we didn’t actually do a whole lot. Blogging tends to be difficult in lull weeks like this, but I’ll try to do my best.

Max can attest to the slowness, as he’s clearly become a bit bored with the standard set of facial expressions and has decided to branch out.

I call this one, “The Fish”.

We did have a good time up in Sherman, though the fun seemed to get in the way of actually snapping any photos. We did manage to catch this image of the culprit behind that little issue.

Drum roll, please, Mimi.

He got some good time in with his grandparents, too…and enjoyed his second Thanksgiving dinner.

Yay, turkey!

The rest of the weekend was a nice relaxing stretch before getting back to work. Max passed the time by explaining to us that it’s sort of pointless to buy toys for him. His preference is clear.

Yay, bendy thing and empty plastic box!

We used some of that time to get our Christmas lights put up outside, which Max found extremely entertaining. Even more so when I got down off my ladder and poked my head into the front windows to look at him.

That reminds me, I need to clean that window.

He also took the time to finish up some phone calls he’d been meaning to make.

For the last time, stop using up all our anytime minutes!

He’s getting really good with his sippy cup, though sometimes he gets a little ahead of us.

Gotta love the, “Why isn’t any water coming out of this?” expression.

Then, of course, there’s this…which we can’t even begin to explain.

I have to lose three more ounces or I’ll never be pretty!

And that’s it for us this week. Like I said, kind of slow. Sort of nice, to be honest. There’s a few more pictures in the full set here. We’ll catch you next week!

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PaPaw 06 November 2008

Big Milestone… There’s no keeping up with him now.
Love yall

Mimi 06 November 2008

I am so proud. He’s a sweety.

Mimi 06 November 2008

I am so proud. He’s a sweety.


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