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This has been a very eventful week in the Larkin household and beyond. We tried to pass the time in the usual manner (throwing things around, hammering on toys, and just generally running around creating havoc), but there was sort of an ominous event looming before us. For the first time, Max was going to be away from us for a little longer than we’re both used to.

This was a long time coming, but eventually we were going to have to give in. Max is getting more and more active by the day and we’ve finally reached the point where we can’t provide all the social interaction he needs. On Tuesday, he found himself in an unfamiliar room with 11 unfamiliar kids (and a couple of unfamiliar teachers). Before that, he looked kind of like this:

I am unaware of the betrayal that is to come.

At the end of the day…well, we don’t have any pictures of that. The pitiful nature of the event was bigger than mere photos could convey. Needless to say, he had the most unforgiving wail we’ve ever heard. After watching him endlessly on the day care webcam, we knew pretty much what to expect. Today, sadly, wasn’t much better. At least it’s only two days of the week for now. Thankfully, that meant that we had some photos where he wasn’t a sulking bundle of guilt.

Excuse me, I can’t exactly play with you standing there. Better door than a window, Dad.

Must…not…make…monkey brain…joke…

All those toys, and he plays with…the box.

We may have a new contender for my favorite photo.

There was another bit of news that came out of Christy’s side of the family this week. Max has a new cousin! Steve and Mendi are now the proud parents of Blakely Kate Thompson. Coincidentally, Jayden and Casen are now the proud owners of a brand new play doll.

Awww little baby hands.


Hopefully the rest of next week will be filled with similarly happy news regarding Max’s day care experiences. I guess we’ll see.

To see the rest of the photos from this week, click here.

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Anonymous 15 December 2008

He is soooo… cute. I’ll miss the curls though.


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