15 Month Update

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We know. It’s been a while. We’re sorry. We’ve alternated between periods of being so busy during the day that we were too exhausted to write at night, and periods of just not having a whole lot to report. I’ll try to catch you up on the last few weeks.

The first couple of weeks this month, I was busy with meetings for work, so Jon worked at home several days, so I could concentrate. (Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband?) Max weathered the weeks well, and proceeded to get over his illness of the previous week.

Last week, Max had his first good day at daycare. His teacher actually wrote “Good Day!” on his daily report. We’re so relieved that he’s starting to get used to his new routine. He’s even become very attached to Miss Ashley, his teacher, which is good.

Last Friday, Max went to his very first school party for Valentine’s Day! After he realized that we weren’t leaving him there, he seemed to really enjoy sharing snacks with his new friends (OK, he didn’t notice they were there – there were cupcakes to be had, people!).

The kids at the beginning of “organized chaos” (otherwise known as snacktime)

We signed up to bring the mini-cupcakes, so we provided chocolate cupcakes with pink icing. Luckily for the teachers, we saw the error of our ways and at least helped clean up the ridiculous mess that they caused! The kids seemed to really enjoy them, so that’s all that matters.


Over the weekend, we relaxed and drove up to Sherman to see our newest family member, Blakely Kate. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera, so we’ll have to post a link to Aunt JoAnn’s photos at some point. Max spent quite a bit of time playing with his cousin Jayden in the kitchen. He really does love the ladies!

On Monday, we were off work for Presidents Day, so Nora and Mikey came over for a playdate. It took a couple of hours, but the boys finally warmed up to each other and by the end, they were running back and forth in the entryway laughing. They cracked us all up. I’ll have Jon post some videos from the day next week sometime.

I’ll trade you an elephant for that basketball…

What are you doing, boys? … Hangin’ out. Listenin’ to some tunes on the Fridge DJ.

Tuesday, Max woke up feeling a little warm. After breakfast, I took his temperature – 99.5 (the daycare cutoff is 99.4). So, I called him in sick and he stayed home. It was a good thing. Instead of his usual 1.5 hour nap (2, if we’re lucky), he slept for 3 hours. When I picked him up out of his crib, he was burning up. I checked his temp. again – 103.1. YEEPS! He’s never been that warm!

At his 15-month checkup on Wednesday, he was still at 103 (when he wasn’t on Motrin or Tylenol). The doctor ruled out strep, flu, and ear infection. He said that it may just be an early symptom of a cold, and to just ride it out (giving more meds along the way as needed). We were still at 103 this morning, but tonight, we were down to just under 101, so hopefully he’ll be all better before Nan gets here tomorrow. We were extremely lucky this time that it was only a fever. Max was still pretty happy throughout each day. He was just more tired than usual and more cuddly, which didn’t bother me any.

Back to his checkup – Max is doing extremely well in his growth and development. He’s 33.8 inches tall (about the height of an average 2-year old) and he’s 26 pounds (surprisingly, only the 75th percentile). The doctor was impressed that he already knows 20+ words. Now if we could only get him to say them in front of other people and not just us!

Here are a few more pictures of the last few weeks:

Max is obsessed with his belly button at the moment.

Have we mentioned he’s cutting his molars? He’ll chew on anything at the moment.

He’s helping clean before Nan comes to visit!

He’s sick, so he gets to watch a little Noggin while he snuggles with Mom. (Seriously, would you tell him No when he looks that sad?)

For the full set of pictures, click here.

OK, so that about sums it up the past few weeks. As you can see, nothing terribly exciting, except for the 3-day high-grade fever. We promise to do more exciting things in the coming weeks, so we can provide a more entertaining blog!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Pa Pa John 18 January 2009

really cute! We love you Max, Nan and PaPa


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