Grandparents and Fish and Stuff

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After a crazy posting week like the last one, we were bound to fall a little behind. Max had a whirlwind weekend, with a visit from his grandparents up north followed by a last-minute decision to head downtown for a little sightseeing.

The weekend began easily enough. After a vigorous scrubbing of the house to make it presentable, Max had a chance to hang out with Pappaw and Mimi for a little one-on-one time.

No you may not have my basketball.

Everyone seemed to have a good time making a nice mess out of Max’s play area.

…and this is how I get what I want from people!

Mimi was not at all stingy with the kisses.

It was nice to give Max a chance to spend some time with his grandparents. We’ll have to make sure to do it more often and potentially even cave on doing an overnight…maybe…

Christy and I woke up on Sunday with no plan whatsoever, which of course meant that we relaxed all day and didn’t do anything…until we went insane and decided that we must go to the Dallas World Aquarium immediately. This, of course, resulted in a number of entertaining photo ops.

This bird was poking the glass whenever Max put his finger on it.

Max and I had fun, but I can’t help but wonder what that guy in the middle was looking at.

They had a crocodile…

…but that was not impressive to Max.

The evolution photo set proved to be popular, so it’s only natural to follow it up. We kept trying to get Max to look at things, but it would take him a minute to finally see what we were trying to point at. That resulted in this exchange, which repeated itself dozens of times:

Max, look at the bird/fish/odd plant/explosion!

What bird/fish/odd plant/explosion are you talking about, Mommy?

Ohhhh, THAT one.

And now I squint at you, bird/fish/odd plant/explosion.

Good times. If you want to see the rest of the photo set (which contains two out of four of the bird/fish/odd plant/explosion quadrumvirate…yes, it’s a word), you can click here. See you next week!

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Nan 26 February 2009

You look way too cool in those shades! And who is that lady always smiling at you, she must think you are awfully special. Ohhhh! that would be me, your Nan I love you and mom and dad too!!! Love and kisses, Nan


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