Aches and Pains

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Oddly enough, we really haven’t done much since our last post (hence missing our deadline this week). As such, all we really have for you is a brief bout of health complaints along with some photos and video. At least we aren’t posting the cat…yet.

Christy seems to be in the interminable final phase of a generic sickness, which basically means she’s coughing a lot. Max is dealing with yet another round of stuffy head/coughing sickness, but he seems to be getting much better about dealing with all of it. As for me, I’m feeling fine now that I’m getting to the end of the rounds of pain killers. Apparently my back wasn’t very happy with the gardening work I did last weekend, and paid back the favor by incapacitating me for several days.

Why are you lying on the floor, dad?


Anyway, Max is growing in leaps and bounds (as usual) and learning all sorts of words every day. One of his new favorites, as evidenced by the fact that he chants it over and over on a regular basis, is “iPod”.




Used to be that we could keep Max occupied in the car with a simple toy or two, but now he’s getting a bit more finicky. I presume it’s because he discovered that the iPod has a little built-in speaker that can play music for him. Seeing as Max is a little shy (by, say, 15 years or so) of the age I’d be okay with spending that much on an iPod for him, we decided to seek out another solution. Luckily, we found just the thing to handle the situation.

Music Max

What can I say, the boy loves to dance…

If you want to take a look at the one photo we didn’t post in the blog (warning: crazy smile), you can click here to see the set. Hopefully we’ll have some actual interesting things happening this week so we can do a full-fledged post next time around.

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PaPa 26 February 2009

Awesome video of the inmates.
They sure do play together a lot better that the Larkin boys-of several generations!


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