Sickness, Backyards, Nan, and Papa

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Max is finally feeling better this week after what seems like the fifth or sixth sickness (say that five times fast) this year. Day care has turned him into a constant plague carrier, but thankfully he’s getting less and less fussy about the whole process from stuffy to recovery. Having recovered fully from my back issues, we were able to spend a little fun time with Max this week (he even got a visit from Nan and Papa!).

I believe this photo explains the sick Max experience better than I could describe.

I think he might be a little worn out.

Later in the week (when he was feeling a little better), the weather was getting nice outside so we decided to let Max out for his first real foray into our backyard. He seemed confused, but ultimately very happy.

At least…he seems happy…

You can have the cap to the bubble solution when you pry it from my slobbery, gross hands.

Which apparently segued right into the weekend, when Max headed out the door with his grandparents in tow.

This “bubble machine” is intriguing to me. I must learn its secrets.

Huh…with these powers, I could rule the bubble world…

He was also terribly disappointed when we brought his big blue ball out.

He loves carrying this thing.

And, of course, the obligatory grandparent photo…

Obligation fulfilled!

We had a good time romping around out there, but eventually we had to bring him back in so he could show off some of his other moves. Recently, in addition to taking a liking to his horse…

…well, at least since we plugged it into the TV…

…Max has also apparently decided that his favorite thing to do is to walk into the kitchen, open up the only cabinet he has access to, and pull out the giant bucket of cookie cutters that Mimi got him for Christmas. He then proceeds to open the bucket and dump all 101 of them on the floor and then leave the scene immediately. We felt it was high time that he learn that they served a purpose other than being able to watch mommy and daddy pick them up off the floor, so…

We made cookies!

ROLL, ROLL, ROLL! Those cookes aren’t going to make themselves!

Obligatory staged flour on the nose.

Sprinkles were a little trickier…we had to put them in the cap, then let him dump them on the cookies.

Then, of course, came the face stuffing.


Yes, grandparents, for the record, we fed the child a non-organic sugar cookie. His life isn’t all bad.

All in all, not a bad week despite the sickness. Hopefully Max will last more than a week in day care without having another week out, but I suppose only time will tell. You can view the rest of the photos from this week by clicking here. Have a good week, everyone!

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Jo Ann Fogle 27 February 2009

ha ha ha–
where did those teeth come from–looks like he has mouth full ……..toooooooocute
love ya
Jo Ann

Anonymous 01 March 2009

Max You have the cutest smile and it makes me want to kiss you! I love you cheese man!! love, Nan


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