Belated Easter

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We haven’t taken a whole lot of photos this week (save for a few of Max finger painting, but we’ll post those later), and it’s really been more of a recovery week anyway. Even if we were to talk about our weekend, it would only really include the tale of our now-alphabetized spice rack. Riveting though that might be, I think people would rather hear about Max’s Easter with his cousins and second cousins once removed (had to look that up…hat tip to

First things first, though. A few posts back I had to call out Papa for not using the Flickr account we got him to post a photo of Max so we could have it. He has since rectified this situation.

Hat tip to Papa.

As a result of his compliance, I hereby take back almost all of the bad things I’ve ever said about him. Except for that one thing. He knows what I’m talking about*.

So, with that done, on to the cavalcade of Easter photos! I believe we took something like 500 photos, which were pared down to 200, which we’ve reduced down to 64 for the photo set, which leaves us having to pick which ones we like best for the blog. Choices, choices. I guess we could start with a list of some of the people he got to visit.





T Bear! (and Kyle and Lucy)

Charlotte! T Bear! Chandler! Collyn! Cameron! Kyle! Calvin! Grace! Emma!

You get the idea. I can’t help but wonder how long we’ll be able to have Barrett crawfish boils without altering the tides. If you average 2 eventual kids per cousin and add in the grown ups and eventual spouses, that’s 98 people. Yikes.

Max certainly enjoyed himself throughout the day despite having a very short nap. He was especially excited about the Easter egg hunt.

If I put it around my neck, I have both hands free to grab eggs!

A threefer! Victory is mine!

Nice smile. He fits right in with my family.

Then, of course, there was Easter itself. Which included the inevitable basket.

Thanks, Nan!

He even managed to make it all the way through the church service without too much fussing. Granted, he was completely asleep about 10 minutes from the end, but I still have to give him credit. I only made it halfway.

Ahhh, Sunday finery.

Can you tell he was sleepy?

I had to post this one. I took it while walking down the sidewalk, while Papa was walking down the sidewalk with Max…and it turned out. Truly a testament to my skill…or luck.

It was a great weekend, and Max really enjoyed himself during the visit. Can’t ask for much more than that! The rest of the photos can be found by clicking here. Lots more photos of cousins and family to be found.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

*He has no idea what I’m talking about.

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