Max’s Video Spectacular

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The last few months we’ve been piling up a stack of videos that we never quite got around to pulling off the camera and putting on the blog. Well, we finally sat down and got them all processed, so we’ll be posting them all this week.


Gator Max

Gotta get in on the act, I guess.

Reading Max

He loves doing this.

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Pa Pa John 07 April 2009

I am really going to have to work hard to hide the Easter eggs from you, It looks like you got a lot of practice!! I can’t wait to see you on Friday and your mom and dad too!!! Love, Nan

Jenn 07 April 2009

Max- You are getting so grown up! Emma was talking about you tonight. She can’t wait to see her cousins this weekend!!!She even said Jonny and Christy. She doesn’t have the hang of the aunt and uncle part but hey atleast there is a start. It was pretty cute. Looking forward to lots of fun this weekend with you all.


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