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With videos taking over the blog last week (and Max dealing with his eye gunk), we didn’t get a chance to do a proper update of the various happenings. Max has been very busy lately, so I guess we’ll just take it from the top.

Max has decided that he wants to join the ranks of the earless, half-mad group of maladjusted individuals we know as “artists”. His medium of choice is crayon, but he’s starting to branch out a little.

Look ma, no lead!

He’s also learning that sometimes he doesn’t really have to listen to us. This tends to manifest itself during times that we’re trying to finish something with him.

Like, say, changing him out of his pajamas and into his day clothes.

He also knows that he can sometimes get away with it so long as he does something cute as soon as possible.

Like, say, sitting on a monkey and grinning like a maniac.

But that’s not all he’s been up to. We said we hadn’t taken many pictures last week, but we lied (we wanted an excuse to be lazy and post videos all week). In reality, we’d spent a day up in Sherman and got plenty of great photos with Mimi and Pappaw. Mimi planted about six million flowers in her backyard.

Max was impressed.

He also found plenty to be excited about inside their house.

Bock bock bock! I can draw on this chicken! BOCK BOCK!

JoAnn! They have a chalk chicken here! BOCK!

Good times. But that’s not all. Less than a week later we made the journey down to The Woodlands so Max could hang out with Nan and Papa.

Nan and Papa who?

Seriously. Pool. Who are you talking about?

He also had his first encounter with a live crawfish.

No pinch.

Of course, there was also time spent with his buddy Emma.


Hat tip to Papa again, since this is from his beat-me-to-the-punch Flickr post.

And then, as usual, we came home and passed out. You can see the rest of the photos from the last two weeks here. See you next time!

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