Weekend/18 Months/Owen Update

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We’ve had quite a busy few days, so here’s our attempt to catch everyone up on all things Larkin.

This past Saturday, we finally made it over to Forney to spend the day with Steve, Mendi, Jayden, Casen, and little Blakely. We watched Jayden play an early morning game of soccer, then hung out until the afternoon, so we could watch Casen play baseball. Both kiddos did great jobs in their respective sports, and Max had a blast at both games.

Jayden and Max

What? I can’t touch the ball with my hands? Why not?

Casen and Max

Max, showing his game face

Jayden, fighting for the ball. She’s definitely dedicated!

Blakely, such a sweetie with a sweet, sweet smile!

Max playing with a new friend at Casen’s game

Casen, before he hit the ball into right field and ran to second base.

Max was also very excited to see that his cousin Blakely actually MOVES (he’s still getting used to the concept of babies – I think he thought she was a doll up to this point). Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos or video of him watching her while she hung out on her activity mat. We also enjoyed a nice dinner with all of the family (including Mimi, Papaw, JoAnn, Gammy, and Cindy) on Saturday night. Again, we were so busy wrangling Max that we forgot to take any pictures. Hopefully JoAnn will post hers soon, so we can share some with you.

Sunday was a wonderful Mother’s Day. Jon let me sleep late, made me a lovely breakfast, and wouldn’t let me do any work whatsoever all day long. It was WONDERFUL! It enabled me to rest and finally get over my cold.

This week has been incredibly eventful. Max has begun the transition to the next age group at day care. Today, he spent most of the day in his new “Busy Bees” class. It’s hard to believe that he’s already 18 months! (Yep! 18 months today!) His teachers indicated that he did extremely well – much better than his transition to day care in general in January. Our hope is that at some point we’ll be able to drop him off without any tears at all.

So, as I mentioned, Max is 18 months old today. We’ve been bad about doing our “month” photos in the past few months, but we made an attempt today. As you can see, Max is much less cooperative these days.

Not bad. Let’s see if we can get a better one.

Uhh…. Hrm… Not quite.

Switching chairs worked a little. Look at how long his legs are!

We measured him on his wall and he seems to have grown an entire inch in the last month. We’ll know his exact measurements next week when we visit the pediatrician again, but suffice to say he’s a tall one, our boy!

Today was also our 20 week ultrasound to check on the newest little Larkin. I was nervous, since we hadn’t had an ultrasound since the 12 week mark (much different from last time around when we had a couple of scans between the 12 and 20 week mark). Luckily, everything looks great. Owen is still Owen (the requisite boy parts were located) and all of the measurements are right on target.

It took 30 minutes of pushing, poking, and prodding to get Owen to move enough to get this one profile picture.

Now we really have to get started on making room for Owen in the house, which means a ton of summer cleaning and garage sale/donation work. Wish us luck!

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