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That’s what this weekend was. Totally, completely, 100% wall-to-wall crazy. There were grandparents, animals, space ships, slides, and giant robots. This, of course, is why we haven’t posted this week’s entry until today.

First, we spent the latter part of the week scouring the house in preparation for a visit from the grandparents from the Northlands. Mimi and Pappaw spent the evening hanging out with Max while Christy and I spent some time in the final frontier.

Dammit Jim, I’m a reboot, not a prequel.

Good movie. Highly recommended. Special thanks to Mimi and Pappaw for enabling us to see our second movie in two years. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened that night. We were walking into the mall when I noticed a poster announcing what will be fondly remembered as the greatest moment of my life. Move over, wedding and birth of my first born child. They just opened a LEGO Store in the mall! Woooo! Not only that, but they apparently set up an event with a Master Builder (read: dream job of every boy who ever put two blocks together). Over the next few days, they’d be constructing an 8-foot replica of R2-D2. This, of course, meant that we had to go to the mall the next day. Sadly, the line for the store was around the corner and almost out the door, so we didn’t have a chance to go in.

I sprained my geek muscle taking this photo.

Max was surprisingly unimpressed. Perhaps he will be more excited when he sees the finished version.

Max was way more interested in other things.

Like stealing mommy’s purse and running around with it.

That was fun and all, but he wasn’t nearly done yet. No sir, we had to jam pack that day with activity, so we took him home, put him down for a nap, got him up, and took him out to see his buddy Mikey at Going Bonkers (a local indoor play place). He’s constrained to a smaller portion of the place than the 4+ crowd, but he didn’t seem to care that much.


Max and Mikey and some kid who really wanted to be in the pictures we were taking. Congratulations kid, you made it to the Internet. Hope you’re happy.

Of course, I’m such a rebel that I couldn’t help but drag Max into the upper decks of the structure so he could go down a BIG slide.

His mother did not sanction this activity.

Not feeling like he’d done enough yet, we decided it was important to drag him out of bed the following morning at the crack of 9:30, cart him off to Original Pancake House for a healthy and wholesome breakfast, then try to get him to sleep in the car (he didn’t) while we drove to the Forth Worth Zoo.



About two seconds after we left the zoo, he passed out from exhaustion. All in all, not a bad weekend. The week that followed…well, that’s another story. You can view the rest of the photos here. See you next week!

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