The Phantom Week

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Had to happen sooner or later. Last week was filled with so much stress that we entirely forgot to put out a blog entry. We made the mistake of looking at our to-do list for Owen and kicked into overdrive to get ourselves a little farther along in the process. As such, I’ll be catching up on two weeks ago tonight, then last week on Thursday.

Confused? Good. Let’s move along.

We had a couple of big events two weeks ago, one of which was a picnic with Max’s day care. He was a little concerned about seeing all of those day care people, but he quickly adapted when he realized he’d be running free on the open plains between the picnic tables and the nearby lake.


He even gave us some good photo smiles.

Close enough!

Okay, fine, he’s not even trying.

We also got out a sprinkler that we’d bought for Max a little while back. He seemed underwhelmed.

My sunglasses look good?

Then we had to figure out where to put the dresser in Owen’s room. It was important to make sure we had room.

Max was happy to help.

He’s also happy to help out with pretty much everything else we do (in the kitchen, at least) now that we bought him his own little tower to climb up into.


And, of course, we went down to the pool again.

Oddly enough, that actually is his beach ball.

He’s certainly happy to splash around in the shallow areas, but he still doesn’t quite like it when I take him into the deep end. He does, however, like it when we take him home and change him out of his swim clothes.

Redefining “comfy”.

We then capped the weekend off with Max’s first official tower activity. Naturally, we chose to make chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, I’m anal retentive about my mise en place. It works, dangit.

Max helped with the stirring.

Then he helped with the waiting.

Then he helped with the eating.

I’d say he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If you want to see the rest of the photos from this weekend (including Max’s albino dad at the pool), you can click here. Have a good couple of days (I swear I’ll catch up on Thursday…plus, I might even throw in free DVDs).

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Nan 16 May 2009

Once again another group of adorable Max photos! Owen is pretty cute even in an ultrasound photo!


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