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Max has had an interesting couple of weeks, and he’s been learning all sorts of new behaviors that are…well, let’s just say, “entertaining”. We took a trip up to Sherman this last weekend, but sadly we didn’t snap a whole lot of photos with everyone else. That being the case, we’ll just share some of the various photos from around the house and do a quick video round-up.

Entertaining Behavior 1: Interactive Drawing

Max is getting good at climbing, so obviously he wants to try and climb on everything. This leads to situations like this:


One could debate how much he enjoys this particular activity, or you could just ask him.

Yep. He hates it.

Entertaining Behavior 2: Interactive Blocks

We bought Max this Lego table thing so he’d get a chance to learn a life-long love of engineering. He’s getting really good at building towers, but he was starting to reach the limits of his height for building.

Problem solved!

Entertaining Behavior 3: Dancing

When you find a good move, you stick with it.

Entertaining Behavior 4: Owenspotting

Owen who?

Entertaining Behavior 5: Words

Lots and lots of new words. Note for the Sherman family: No we did not use that bowl for the sorbet.

Random One-off Behavior Thrown in for the Heck of It: Lemon


Sorry for the lateness this week. It’s been kind of a roller coaster for all of us in the Larkin household. Hopefully we’ll be back on track next week. If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week (not many of them, but you can see the baby belly), you can click here. Have a good week!

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Pa Pa John 03 June 2009

Max If you are not the cutest thing in your admirals hat! I also like the hair do your mom and dad do with the sunscreen. I see how much you like the swimming pool. You look like you are having a blast! Love you, Nan


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