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Max had himself a pretty entertaining week. Aside from being initiated into his day care circle of friends with a nice bite mark on his arm, he’s been very busy with even more new activities to entertain us. His weekend was so busy that we’ll have to break it out into two posts. Today I’ll cover up to his play date with Mikey. Later in the week we’ll talk about his trip up to Sherman. I’ll try to get some videos out there for both.

Let’s see…new activities…well, he’s always very interested in what’s going on outside.

Are there birds out there or something?

What? I wasn’t doing anything.

He’s also getting very excited about the arrival of his new brother. It’s not so much that he knows that a baby is on the way. I think it has more to do with the fact that his long lost toys are suddenly reappearing around the house.


Oh, and about that day care injury…

Day care wouldn’t tell me who did it. Too bad, because someone needs to be held upside down by their feet…which is probably why they won’t tell me…

We spent a little time out at the toy store looking for some new fun stuff for Max to play with. We decided on a shopping cart, a giant yellow crayon (video explanation follows), and a miniature vacuum cleaner.

Guess which one he likes most.

When the weekend finally rolled along, we made some time for a long-overdue play date with his buddy Mikey. They were initially a little wary of each other, but they quickly bonded over Max’s alphabet train.

Look! Blocks!

Max also had some fun with the much larger version of Mikey that we sometimes call, “Chris”.

He said it was like a sauna in there.

They also spent a little time in Max’s wading pool, which was great fun even after they’d gotten out.

I think they had fun.

Good week, for sure. To see the rest of the photos from this week (up until Saturday, at least), click here. We’ll close out with a few videos for your entertainment.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Well, you know the rest. He’s learning stuff! And no, he won’t do this in person. That is unacceptable.

Quick Word

He loves this word, and we love hearing him say it.


His mother sounds calm, but she’s having a heart attack.

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