Why Must I Turn This Blog Into a House of LIES?

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Yet again I made the grave mistake of presuming that I might actually be able to post two blog entries in one week. What possessed me to make such ridiculous statements is beyond me. Probably sunspots or chemtrails behind commercial airliners or something. No matter. I’ve a second wind this evening thanks to a homemade blueberry muffin (stuff it, Betty Crocker) so I’ll fill you in with a quick blurb on Sherman and crank out a few videos.

To be honest, I can’t really remember what I was going to write about Sherman last week. I think we had a few photos, but I’m too lazy to hook the camera up and download them (maybe later in the week…hrm…full moon?). The event revolved around the tri-birthdaystravaganza that started back when I joined the Boren clan. Mendi and Grandma C have been gracious enough to entertain the idea that my birthday should actually bear some meaning alongside theirs, an act for which I’m eternally grateful. This year, though, it was all about a big surprise party for The Big C. The birthday girl turned 29 years young (doesn’t look a day over 25) and everyone gathered to give her a much deserved bash.

Max had a great time running around and getting into trouble, and it was really nice to get together with everyone and have a good time. Special thanks to our hostesses Michelle and Millie!

Now, on to the movies.

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Had to happen eventually.


Boy’s got some footwork.

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